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Welcome to Help Exchange, an online listing of organic and non-organic host farms, lodges, B&B, backpacker hostels and others who invite volunteer helpers to stay with them in exchange for free meals and accommodation in Australia.

This service is primarily provided for overseas visitors to have the opportunity during their travels to stay with local people often on farms. The typical arrangement is for the helper to work an average of 4 hours per day and in return receive free accommodation and meals for their efforts. This time range can vary considerably. Some hosts may require just 2 hours per day for accommodation only. Others 6 hours per day in return for excellent meals and free English tuition. Some will give weekends off. Some offer, work 8 hours one day, take next day off. Times may vary due to the type of work / jobs being done and the type of accommodation and meals being offered etc. Each host operates differently so it's matter of making a suitable arrangement between host and helper. This exchange allows the helper to gain various experiences of local farming and other activities. Helpers will often live with the host family and be expected to join in and help out with day to day activities. Therefore the success of this partnership will depend on mutual co-operation.

Volunteer helpers wishing to use this service are required to sign up (its free), and provide some details including their email address and a chosen password in order to login. They will then be able to view the host listings which gives details of their farm / property and what activities they do etc. When you have found a host that you would like to stay with you can contact them direct and make arrangements to stay. We advise that you ask many questions in order to establish expectations from both parties. Do not turn up without prior arrangement.

Hosts wishing to add an entry (its free) inviting helpers to stay will need to 'Sign me up'.

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