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Unoh Skye

Unoh Skye, from Italy (male)
Email: click here
Network: International
Present Country: United States
Join Date: May 16, 2015
Last Updated: March 22, 2018
Last Signed In: March 22, 2018

Companion Ad:
R u an Honest, Truth Seeking, Truly Natural, Zero Waste Female Sol, who is awake and no longer goes along with the constant lies told to us by the fake govt/vatican/etc liars and those controlling them? Or on the path of this? Are u plant based, mostly raw vegan, veganic, who also dreams of a realm of Peace, Goodness, hard work and of flying naturally within it? Do you try to b Humble, Modest, Open minded, and Caring but yet a playful, Fun Sol, who also loves watermelons, berries,avocados,almonds, nueces, tomatoes, seeds, mangoes, pears, apples, bananas, coconuts,sprouted grains/seeds/beans, hot spices/sauces, artichoke cream,... among other things?! Do u care about your natural body/soul and don't use fake,chemical soaps, shampoos or wear nasty chemical lotions or perfumes all over your body, tats, and are a non smoker who tries to avoid pollution/smoke like burning any gasoline/chemical additives, coal, propane, nuclear, or other unhealthy, foolish things?? Are you open to a tropical backpacking, hiking, swimming, sailing adventure? Do you not want to have babies or go along with the constant waste and pollution in this breeding overpopulated, fake, factory system/machine? Maybe this is just a hopeful wish and I won't find you in this Flat 'Earth'? Decided not to "upgrade" here, so you can reach me Adrigoal06 attt yaaaahhooo dott comm. or fourr onee three...foour twoo sixx...7236

Next Destination(s):
True Permaculture Home, Off the Grid, peaceful world/realm, Blue
lagoon, remote
fertile tropical cabana tree house
island, clean energy world, true paradise, Garden of Truth....

Helper Description:

So this is really a type of hell or test of will(earth) and we are here for some reason or punishment? If so, Why ? i don't know. I tend to ask lots of questions and soul search..

Let's b real, some words and their spelling are juust spells created to confuse us and keep us down. English and England comes from Angle Land and the Angles of Germany. fallen Angels/devils and decievers? hmm. For example, why do we say Hello? or does it subliminally mean O Hell? Good Morning? or is it really Good Mourning? Why would u wish someone to Mourn? Conscious? Con means to trick. So it's a trick of science. So many other examples i can give. God is the word Dog backwards. Satan and Santa have the exact letters in them. Devil is Lived backwards. Evil is Live reversed. Evol is Love backwards. This is no coincidence y'all

That being said, those of us who Care, should not give up and go along with the tricks and lies of the system. I'm willing 2 do a truly naturale, raww, plant based, permaculture, chemical free, beyond govt organic, veganic, housing/work trade arrangement if available and we talk more and are a good fit (off the grid, Natural Earth home would be great). Not using any soil, compost or fertilizer that has any synthetic chemicals or animal parts/meals in it, besides pure plant based compost and/or natural manure is what i dew. Composting toilet and composting waste is good for the earth unlike sewage pipes/sysemts annd chemical power waste facilities etc. Zero waste/trash is important to me. I compost any food scraps and try to reuse bags if going to market for food. Even recycling plants are polluting and wasteful as they burn lots of fuel, while producing bad emissions and other toxic things like sludge etc. Not to mention all the pollution from the thousands of trucks going back and forth between homes. Think about that for a second, how much waste and pollution is involved in that. Is that really 'recycling' and doing good?

I did the whole 'college' and school thing before figuring out most of it was a lie and changing paths em vida 2 a more natural and truthful way. Math was also a favorite subject of mine at one point and was once a mechanical engineering major before switching and then receiving a BS degree (fitting name) in Food and Natural Resources/Sport Management. High Honor Roll Student Varsity D1 Athlete in various varsity sports (volleyball, futbol, hockey)throughout high school and competed in the Division 1 National Futbol(Soccer is the fake name lol )Hall of Fame Tournament in Oneonta, NY, where our high school was inducted during my senior year. Was selected to the All Tournament Team, as well as starting for the West team in the Baystate Games, then playing in college at Umass.

I can prepare bueno, raw, plant based whole food meals, mainly with avocados, corn, fruit, greens, nozes, etc. I'm a hard worker and have great references, experience, and passion to live and work truly vegan and natural, from soil to food. Can garden naturally with just plant based natural compost, and beyond "organic" without any chemicals or animal parts (veganic) and maintain the house and yard/garden/farm naturally. Also great with animals.

I also only use things like a scythe to cut grass and absolutely no foolish and toxic, polluting machines like gas mowers, or anything that uses anything wasteful and or synthetic chemicals. I believe in not being lazy or wasteful and working hard and natural for good things. The amish have it correct in some ways :)

Prefer other truly natural plant based and truth seekers who support clean energy or off grid. Sun gazing seems to help eyesight and gives us calmness. I'm even ok with no electricity or on occasion. If u are open minded and don't believe everything the system or schools tell you, we might get along. Its also important to me that you respect my spiritual belief of not pertaining myself to a silly changing number and consider myself age/numberless.

Do u care about your health? Are you a non smoker who tries to avoid any smoke and pollution like burning any fuels/gas/chemicals, nuclear, oil, coal, or other bad crap?? Pure natural hemp, bio/fuel, organic alcohol, hho (hydrogen from water), or wind electricity stored with petrochemical free batteries, seem to be the best way.

The earth is really a flat plane and not a spinning ball floating in 'space'? Common sense, and simple Natural Math/facts/research has the answer if you seek the truth and have an open mind. Nasa and mainstream science, govt and education just want to dumb u down with tricks and lies. They never lied about anything right? I was once naive and fooled, despite thinking in the back of my mind something didn't make sense.

Here's some videos to watch if you actually have an open mind and aren't a programmed Nasa Shill/Troll:

Raw, Natural Coconut oil works well on teeth and gums. Just swish some around in mouth for a few mins, then spit outside and brush with just water or a dab of some fresh aloe.

Water, Pure Baking soda, aloe, lemon, coconut oil, pure raw vinegar(great to add to second wash to remove salt deposits when doing laundry, or as hair conditioner after washing with baking soda/clay) are natural, healthy ways to clean/wash.

www. independent. co. uk/news/uk/detergents-are-bad-for-health-and-environment-study-says-people-wash-clothes-too-often-1422265.html

I read that stubbornly creating chemical exhaust pollution or "VOC's" from Gasoline/Additives, coal,oil, propane, gas or other things are as bad if not worse then smoking or second hand smoke studies prove? Jogging, biking or walking along roads for example is much worse then second hand smoke from cigarettes, which we all know is bad. Research this for yourself if you care.

True natural ways, humbleness, humility and admitting our mistakes is the way to peace and truth.

Decided not to "upgrade" here, so you can reach me Adrigoal06 attt yaaaahhooo dot com....

or foour onne threee...foour twooo sixxx...sevvenn twoo three sixx