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Mike Lee

Mike Lee, 48 from United Kingdom (male)
Email: click here
Network: Europe
Present Country: United Kingdom
Join Date: September 12, 2011
Last Updated: November 18, 2017
Last Signed In: March 5, 2018

Companion Ad:
I have really enjoyed diverse company my whole life, including the best; the company of travellers! :-) To elaborate on what I have written above, I have been searching for better alternatives and role models than the 'dominant paradigm' of greed and destruction. And I've grown aware of the intrinsic connections between the way we live and provide for our needs and sustenance, with our health and the local/global dilemma we face. The skill of the shaman to help people to heal shines through in this video, (as long as the link continues to work); I recently joined this international group of folk who also work with natural Earth energies they produce an excellent newsletter wherein I have read many an interesting story, including an article by Beatriz Gonzales, who has an inspirational website Here she provides a reference to the Near Death Experience(s) which she and so many others are experiencing today... "Twenty-three years ago I developed acute respiratory distress syndrome from a severe infection of P.falciparum malaria. I was on life support for several days and in a coma for two weeks. From the ceiling of my hospital room in the ICU, I watched my lifeless body sustained by machines and left it to wander about the universe. My experiences beyond the veil are difficult to put into words, and yet seemed so familiar to me at the time. The recent near death experiences of Anita Moorjani (“Dying to be Me”) and Eben Alexander (“Proof of Heaven”), have profoundly comforted and inspired me. They both experienced miraculous healing and a complete turnaround in their lives through their experiences." "My near death experience, though more simple, has provided me with two precious lessons: * I have moved beyond the fear of death * I have accessed the grace of “knowing” that I am here and we are all here with a purpose, and that purpose is noble I have transcended the three dimensional world in which we live and have accessed, even for short moments, other realms of being. I know who we are and it is not what this world is telling us. This three dimensional physical world is just not capable of reflecting to us our true nature. The truth is that we are infinite beings of light. We are noble and we are here to love." I thank Beatriz for her insight and I have read Moorjani's and Alexander's great books. They do have an inspirational power to move our hearts, transcend our fears and help us to focus on what is truly important - to become more loving and compassionate beings. I have also suffered and been on the brink of death, and I also know that I must still be here for a good reason! So shouldn't we all make the most of this gift called life while we can?!

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Helper Description:
Hi, Update November 2017 - just returned from a couple of months in Colombia - you can see a picture of me in front of a 'hugelkultur' I put in, in a small garden near to Tabio. About 2600 metres above sea level; very strong tropical sun.
Highland tropics: Rocoto chilli peppers; 'papayuelas'; 'pepino de relleno'; papa criollas! Strong plants and delicious food.
I have lots of experience getting stuck into global volunteer work through helpx and working with Non Governmental organisations. It's really enriched my life and opened my eyes to the realities of our world. It's a real battle between the forces of dark and light! My website makes an attempt to talk about this and with society being so complex and interconnected it tends to meander into many things. But for those who are interested I have tried to focus on issues of sustainable living and especially the biggy, agriculture. I am interested in lots of things: I love the outdoors & gardening & farming & healing with herbs & natural energies.

To summarise, I hold the conviction that, "All of the world's problems can be solved in a garden." As in embracing a synthetic and artificial world, we become what we've embraced and this is causing us no end of headaches. Some of my poetry reflects on this. is my website

My University education was studying the Russian and French languages and culture and a hefty amount of translation studies. I trained as a secondary school teacher but I did not pursue it as a career. I have worked in teaching English to adults and as a professional translator. Besides my work with NGO's I have also worked professionally as a builder, gardener and tree surgeon. My working life has always been international.

Here is one of my poems: “Wild...”
Born to be Wild, we are of the Earth, Yet I well understand how we've given birth, To a system of death, within it life dies, But we give it life, as we give it our lives. What happened to peace, to love for our brother, To love for an Earth we should see as our Mother? When we've distanced ourselves from the soil and the trees, Do we hear the life in the birds and the bees? When we give life to objects, not even alive, Polluters, destroyers, the machines that we drive; The machines that we cherish; the machines in our lives. Or do they drive us - can you not see, That without them our lives would be truly free? We're born into freedom, why make ourselves slaves, To a futile Hell, to help dig our own graves? When we poison our waters, our air and our lands, Then we poison ourselves, and from our own hands! I'd rather see trees, as my living friends, Than drive long roads, in a Mercedes Benz! Yea I know in my heart it's the ignorant few, Who still feel we're “right” to pollute as we do: This Spirit of Power, of Industrial Greed, Of Military Might, and Media Need, In abiding by these we imprison our souls, Great folly and madness is out of control, But there's plenty I know, who are not so bent, On senseless destruction and whose time is spent, In the knowledge that quiet, resides at our door, At Peace with our Mother, turning once more, Her turns are our Soul, our Spirit, our Home... As no slave to man, no slave to his dock, To his senseless laws, or his ticking clock, For my law is Nature, and She says to me, That I have Her Spirit and She makes me Free.

This is a North American Indian poem I really like, written by an anonymous author...
There was a time, when I saw the world Coyote lives in. I had walked up, with a friend – once upon a time, behind the rocks; the big ones that rise up, mossy-greened, and cradle the forest-shadowed ponds that the ducks and moose love, to seek the slight-sloping, grassy meadow hidden behind them. We half-lay for hours in the tall emerald grass among the ancient trees that towered over the drifting textures of the land. While our elbows supported us we talked of plants, and stones, and the wisdom of moss. Slowly we began, as humans sometimes do, to slip into the wildness of the world. Our language began to slow down, pause and falter. Into silence we drifted and for some reason that only our souls understood that day we flowed with it, not talking. Colours became more vivid and the air began to sparkle. Our breathing and the sounds of the forest took on a luminous quality. And into this silence Coyote ambled, following a game trail that flowed, brown runnel, near our feet. Her tongue lolled out the side of her mouth, and she was laughing that crazy laugh Coyote has, while her eyes spun as she watched the dancing bones that lie under the fabric of the world. Crazy, gambolling Coyote. Third force in Universe. I said under my breath, “Turn your head to the right.” And my friend sat up and said, “What?” And in so doing, lost her chance to see. I, still watching, saw Coyote’s eyes shift out of that crazy, spinning universe and shocked, no, betrayed, by the secrecy of our immersion she flipped straight over and ran, tail between her legs, only some strange kind of dog, up the trail. What I glimpsed through Coyote’s eyes lodged in a part of my brain I did not know I had. I can reach out and touch it sometimes. My eyes begin to spin, and I feel a bit dizzy, and I can see dancing bones under the fabric of the world. I still do not know what the world that Coyote lives in does when no one is watching but I do know it is ancient, far beyond the species lifetime of humans and that next to it our world is only a chip of wood floating on the ocean.