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Jorge Dinis

Jorge Dinis, 33 from Portugal (male)
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Network: Europe
Present Country: Norway
Join Date: January 9, 2016
Last Updated: October 15, 2017
Last Signed In: April 10, 2018

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Helper Description:

My name his Jorge and I was born in Portugal.

Since I remember I was always attracted to nature, native to a country geographically small, the experiences that I could gather there would always be precious, but there was this reality coming up that a road was, at the most, 10km away...meaning that I could never really taste the immensity of the land( nevertheless I could always pretend). Alter some travels back and forth mostly in Europe and North Africa, I was offered to find a wonderful place in the mountains of Spain. Iīm living there ever since in a old Shepard's house made of rock in an isolated valley, aprecious corner of nature, Iīm enjoying a marvellous experience but still the nearest village is 3 hours away, walking or skying, so even after being granted this wonderful experience thereīs still something missing; first of all I canīt live of my own since that any kind of interferences isnīt allowed - for example if i wanted to make a hut - the place is a National park; and even beeing an isolated aerea itīs still very near civilisation ( I'm not against civilisation, and I acknowledge that I'm part of it, but I would like to experience a bigger picture).

The world is getting smaller and the roads are almost always nearby, I thought about the areas in the world that could give me an opportunity to go back in a way of life that breeds simplicity still it's quite difficult to do so, without a doubt the American great North, most of North & East Russia, Scandinavian country's are places that are still, mostly, left intact and they still are home to a bushcraft culture, even if disapearing it still exists handed by some fews.
So my interest is to do what I call a stop in time, meaning that i would enjoy to live from the land and since that we're a profit orientated society, make some money out of it...

To do that of course out of the blue is challenging, and even if I have some experience I still need guidance and I'm aware that my goal is high,so time is the verdict, as always.

This is the reason why I 'm reaching you, as it's stated in the country where I was born,
" One hand wash the other, both hands wash the face"

Witch are my work capacities, I'm very versatile, I do know how to handle a chainsaw and an axe, I have owned and taken care of 96 Sheep for a period of 4 month (in the same mountains where I live) I'm at ease with our fellow animals, Know how to ride Horses & used to make donkey based transportation not afraid of hard work, enjoy children and there spontaneity, drive automobiles since I was 18, have a valid European driver licence and can apply for International driving license, know how to cook, have experience has a waiter, speak and write fluently Portuguese, Spanish, French & English, don't drink neither smoke, have a proactive need to learn and interact and finally hope to make a life that brings me to acceptance.

Well thatīs it;
Thank you for your interest.