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Here you can look for travelling companions / travelmates / travel partners. You can add your own companion wanted posting by filling in the form box Option3 when registering (its free!) as a HelpX helper. If you have registered, then log-in and update your profile. Only postings that have been updated during the last 3 months are displayed. Don't travel alone when you can find a travel companion instead!

If you submit a travel companion wanted posting please include where and when you are travelling as the universe and time is a big place! You are not going to get much response by just saying something like 'yes a companion would be nice'!

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Name: Anna Katharina   Age: 20
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From: flag Germany   Now In: flag Canada Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): The next time that I'll be available would be at the end of May.

I´m not looking for a travel companion.

Name: Ylenia   Age: 21
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From: flag Italy   Now In: flag Italy Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Italy, France, Spain if you will be travelling into these area, do not hesitate to contact me ;)

I would really like to share this experience, that will go from July to August, with some other persons! :)

Name: Stefania   Age: 27
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United States   Now In: flag United States Date Posted: May 10, 2017
I will be sharing the adventures with my son, Cloudio who is 2 1/2 years old

Name: Manuella   Age: 25
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag France   Now In: flag France Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Hi, my name is Manuella. I spend 9 months in Vancouver Island doing vonluntering in two farms, one was a seed farm ans the other one an ecovillage. Now, i'm in Montreal

It will be funny to have a companion to share the experience, to discover the city and landscape near the helpx.

Name: Kaitlin   Age: 20
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United States   Now In: flag United States Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Current: California Next:

Hey! I'm a twenty-one year old, single female so I am open to having a travel companion!

Name: Mark   Age: 39
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Ireland   Now In: flag Spain Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Spain

Heading to Morocco in early February, would be nice to have someone along!

Name: Ashley   Age: 21
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United Kingdom   Now In: flag New Zealand Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Otago

I'll be around the South Island somewhere, hit me up through winter if you're keen to snowboard!

Name: Alix   Age: 33
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag France   Now In: flag United Kingdom Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Not available at the moment

I am not an hermit. For me one of the most important thing while traveling is to meet people and share experiences. So traveling companions are always welcome, don't hesitate to write or to call me and we will meet and exchange ideas around a beer or something else !

Name: Max   Age: 24
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag New Zealand   Now In: flag Ireland Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Lower North Island

Hello :) I am a curious individual, born and raised in New Zealand who is embarking on a spiritual journey to Ireland with the intention of visiting some ancient sites and experiencing the mythical quality of the land while both meeting local people and gaining some experience. If you have an open mind and share my interest in the spirit and myth of Ireland and it's sacred sites then I would love to hear from you! I will be traveling from the 4th-24th( possibly longer) of Sept 2014

Name: Carlos   Age: 32
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Brazil   Now In: flag Brazil Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): I'm in Brazil at moment. Looking for opportunities to help 4 hours per day. I'd be glad if I find one place to stay 4 weeks. Hugs

I'm mostly willing to do anything and go anywhere :) New friendships and maybe some tip for a small extra work are welcome.

Name: Dara   Age: 28
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Ireland   Now In: flag France Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Currently in the south of France, Ariege, and looking for work!

Anyone out there fancy some hitch-hiking around France, Germany, Spain,Portugal,Denmark, anywhere in Europe really. Maybe next summer?.... I've done a bit of long distance hitching around Hungary, Slovenia, Italy, France and would love to go again for a while to discover new places and people. If anyone's interested, let me know!..

Name: Mike   Age: 47
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United Kingdom   Now In: flag Spain Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): Spain and the Cosmos :-) !-!

I have really enjoyed diverse company my whole life, including the best; the company of travellers! :-) and I am meeting some good folk on this trip to Spain too... Here's a bit about me and a few thoughts on life: To elaborate on what I have written above, I have been searching for better alternatives and role models than the 'dominant paradigm' of greed and destruction. And I've grown aware of the intrinsic connections between the way we live and provide for our needs and sustenance, with our health and the local/global dilemma we face. Para elaborar lo que he escrito anteriormente, he estado buscando mejores alternativas y modelos a seguir que el "paradigma dominante" de la codicia y la destrucción. Y he tomado conciencia de las conexiones intrínsecas entre la forma en que vivimos y proveemos para nuestras necesidades y sustento, con nuestra salud y el dilema local / global que enfrentamos. Leslie Taylor has a great take on this "...literally everything that exists has a soul - without division into organic and inorganic. There is no hierarchical structuring of consciousness with humans resting comfortably at the top and rocks and trees at the bottom. They recognize and respect all forms of life as soulful living beings - even a rock and even a tree. Maybe if we learned this one lesson, conservation of our forests, wildlife, and natural resources would become the standard and the rule and not so difficult after all... The role of the shaman rises out of a recognition, seemingly long lost to modern humankind, of humanity as disruption. In making its way, humankind is killing for food, clothing and shelter, thereby bringing disorder where there was none. To the shaman falls the task of righting the wrongs, appeasing the offended, of repairing the harm his/her people bring upon themselves through both unavoidable as well as intemperate and disrespectful action. In considering the shaman as healer, as restorer of balance, it is not far-fetched to think of him/her as an environmentalist or even as an ecologist of the group psyche." Leslie Taylor tiene una gran toma en este "... literalmente todo lo que existe tiene un alma - sin división en orgánico e inorgánico. No hay estructuración jerárquica de la conciencia con Los seres humanos descansando cómodamente en la parte superior y las rocas y los árboles en el fondo Reconocen y respetan todas las formas de vida como seres vivientes conmovedores - incluso una roca e incluso un árbol Tal vez si hemos aprendido esta lección, la conservación de nuestros bosques, Y los recursos naturales se convertirían en la norma y la regla y no tan difícil después de todo ... El papel del chamán surge de un reconocimiento, aparentemente perdido desde hace tiempo para la humanidad moderna, de la humanidad como perturbación. Para el alimento, la ropa y el cobijo, trayendo así desorden donde no había ninguno.Para el chamán cae la tarea de corregir los errores, apaciguando a los ofendidos, de reparar el daño que su pueblo trae sobre sí mismos a través de ambos inevitable e int Emperate y acción irrespetuosa. Al considerar al chamán como sanador, como restaurador del equilibrio, no es exagerado pensar en él como ecologista o incluso como ecologista de la psique grupal ". The skill of the shaman to help people to heal shines through in this video, (as long as the link continues to work); I recently joined this international group of folk who also work with natural Earth energies they produce an excellent newsletter wherein I have read many an interesting story, including an article by Beatriz Gonzales, who has an inspirational website Here she provides a reference to the Near Death Experience(s) which she and so many others are experiencing today... "Twenty-three years ago I developed acute respiratory distress syndrome from a severe infection of P.falciparum malaria. I was on life support for several days and in a coma for two weeks. From the ceiling of my hospital room in the ICU, I watched my lifeless body sustained by machines and left it to wander about the universe. My experiences beyond the veil are difficult to put into words, and yet seemed so familiar to me at the time. The recent near death experiences of Anita Moorjani (“Dying to be Me”) and Eben Alexander (“Proof of Heaven”), have profoundly comforted and inspired me. They both experienced miraculous healing and a complete turnaround in their lives through their experiences." La habilidad del chamán para ayudar a las personas a sanar brilla en este video, (siempre y cuando el enlace continúe funcionando); Http:// Recientemente me uní a este grupo internacional de gente que también trabaja con energías naturales de la Tierra ellos producen un excelente boletín en el que he leído muchas historias interesantes, incluyendo un artículo de Beatriz Gonzales, quien tiene una inspiración Sitio web Aquí ella proporciona una referencia a la experiencia de muerte cercana (s) que ella y tantos otros están experimentando hoy ... "Hace veintitrés años desarrollé síndrome de dificultad respiratoria aguda de una infección grave De paludismo por P.falciparum Estuve en soporte vital durante varios días y en coma durante dos semanas Desde el techo de mi cuarto de hospital en la UCI vi mi cuerpo sin vida sostenido por máquinas y lo dejé para vagar por el universo. Mis experiencias más allá del velo son difíciles de poner en palabras, y sin embargo me parecían tan familiares en el momento.Las recientes experiencias de muerte cercana de Anita Moorjani ("Dying to be Me") y Eben Alexander ("Prueba del Cielo" Hav Me confortaba profundamente y me inspiraba. Ambos experimentaron una curación milagrosa y un completo giro en sus vidas a través de sus experiencias ". "My near death experience, though more simple, has provided me with two precious lessons: * I have moved beyond the fear of death * I have accessed the grace of “knowing” that I am here and we are all here with a purpose, and that purpose is noble I have transcended the three dimensional world in which we live and have accessed, even for short moments, other realms of being. I know who we are and it is not what this world is telling us. This three dimensional physical world is just not capable of reflecting to us our true nature. The truth is that we are infinite beings of light. We are noble and we are here to love." I thank Beatriz for her insight and I have read Moorjani's and Alexander's great books. They do have an inspirational power to move our hearts, transcend our fears and help us to focus on what is truly important - to become more loving and compassionate beings. I have also suffered and been on the brink of death, and I also know that I must still be here for a good reason! So shouldn't we all make the most of this gift called life while we can?! "Mi experiencia cercana a la muerte, aunque más simple, me ha proporcionado dos preciosas lecciones: * He ido más allá del miedo a la muerte * He accedido a la gracia de "saber" que estoy aquí y todos estamos aquí con un propósito, y ese propósito es noble He trascendido el mundo tridimensional en el que vivimos y hemos accedido, incluso durante breves momentos, a otros reinos del ser. Sé quiénes somos y no es lo que este mundo nos está diciendo. Este mundo físico tridimensional no es capaz de reflejar nuestra verdadera naturaleza. La verdad es que somos seres infinitos de luz. Somos nobles y estamos aquí para amar. " Agradezco a Beatriz su comprensión y he leído los grandes libros de Moorjani y Alexander. Tienen un poder inspirador para mover nuestros corazones, trascender nuestros temores y ayudarnos a concentrarnos en lo que es realmente importante: llegar a ser seres más amorosos y compasivos. Yo también he sufrido y he estado al borde de la muerte, y también sé que todavía debo estar aquí por una buena razón! Entonces, ¿no deberíamos todos sacar el máximo provecho de este regalo llamado vida mientras podemos?

Name: Simon   Age: 30
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Italy   Now In: flag Italy Date Posted: May 10, 2017

Next Destination(s): I am in Slovenia. Next destinations are likely to be Croatia / Hungary / Romania / Albania / Bulgaria / Greece

UPDATE: 10th May 2017 I am in Slovenia right now A nice companion to share the adventure is always welcome. :) My travelling style: 1) volunteering for eco-villages, NGO, sustainable communities, animal farms or ranches, no-profit associations, interesting individual families; 2) hitchhiking; buses; trains; ferries. 3) sometimes it is possible I sleep in forests and beaches; I bring a sleeping hammocks with me good for summer use. 4) improvisation and adventures; 5) learning and living life as fully as possible. Contact me if you have similar values. Check out my profiles (helpx, cs, facebook, workaway) for more info about me. other key words: freegan, vegan, moneyless, adventures, couchsurfing, journalism, blogging, ecovillages, filmmaking, documentary, archeology, history.

Name: Amy   Age: 24
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United Kingdom   Now In: flag United Kingdom Date Posted: May 9, 2017

Next Destination(s): Spain/Portugal

Always happy to join somebody for an adventure.

Name: Swan   Age: 22
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag China   Now In: flag China Date Posted: May 9, 2017

Next Destination(s): Australia

I am a girl from Ningbo, Zhejiang. My wechat: wangshang_1118 Because it is my first time to Australia, I want a companion with me. I will go to Australia in August. I prefer the farm to the city.

Name: Parrie   Age: 24
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag China   Now In: flag Australia Date Posted: May 9, 2017

Next Destination(s): Melbourne, Cairns

Hi, I'm in Melbourne, hoping to find my way in Cairns by 3rd of June. Wanna take some roadtrips and explore Australia together in May?

Name: Nie   Age: 29
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag China   Now In: flag China Date Posted: May 9, 2017
We want to take a deep and good trip in Australia, Wendy likes to draw some painting works along this trip, start from Melbourne. The to-do-list is skiing, parachutes jumping and diving. What's more, Wendy is going to buy a car to drive to travel. If you have the similar plan with each one of us, plz feel free to contact us, all the details could be discussed. Maybe it could be better with one picture uploading function to match all the information the helper filled. It's a way to make them visualized.

Name: Naomi   Age: 20
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Canada   Now In: flag France Date Posted: May 9, 2017
Hello! My name is Naomi, and I am from Canada. I am in France for one year on a working holiday visa. I love traveling and its something that I want to do lots of while I am in Europe. I wish to see all parts of France, as well as the countries surrounding it. If I make a cool friend and they want to go to a cool place, I'm more than happy! Also going to be in England from the 16th of May for a week... Any travel companions willing to adventure with me?

Name: Carl   Age: 23
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag South Africa   Now In: flag South Africa Date Posted: May 9, 2017

Next Destination(s): To Anywhere , current location South Africa

Yes.Yes.Yes Its ALWAYS fun to have a companion traveling through the journey or life learning together and helping one another this the obsticals ahead. Would love be along side someone and love to live life alone. Easy going and adabtable with anyone.

Name: Raphaël   Age: 22
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag France   Now In: flag France Date Posted: May 9, 2017

Next Destination(s): Brisbane, in June

Hi, I live in France, i go to Melbourne in May, i would like find HelpX for my arrived and then leave somewhere to find an agricultural job :) I stay one years and i would want to make a road-trip with somebody ;)

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