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Help Exchange

All Year: Yes
Area (ha): 6 (15 acres)
Persons: 6
Category: Other
Host ID: 54579
Region: West

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Last Updated: November 3, 2018

LOVE! Yeah, let's start with that!

WE ARE: Getting in touch with the NATURAL
cycles, the rhythm of earth.
We touch her and work with her daily. We spends hours enjoying this interaction. We work at improving the land and helping to plant sustainable food sources in the Sierra Nevada mountains, close to Yosemite. We share, we build, we paint, we stretch, we eat and sleep well.
We practice no vices and enjoy only calm music.
1. Apply now, telling us why you are perfect for this situation.
2. Run
3. Read the 200 following paragraphs of what freedom looks like around here.

You can't make any wrong choices here.
Good luck!

***** *****
Apply only AFTER you have a VISA and a date!!!


Please read on and then EMAIL us telling us what YOU OFFER the co-op!
A real letter from the heart!

DETAILS please! What would you like to GIVE? That is what we ask and practice daily, our gifts. What are yours?

*Please do not apply if you are not PASSIONATE about our ECO, co-op projects, sweaty pits and free food!

We are very busy improving the world, right here, right now! Wanna help? It won`t hurt your bank account and it will fill your love account!

Why not make it unworldly? Plain and common is boring.
Let`s lovingly put the frosting on mother Earth`s perfect cake!

Can you stretch like rubber, install new windows, do home electrical, plumbing, yoga or have tree cutting skills, keep green plants happy with song
and water, make amazing veg food and sing to flowers while painting with your toes???

We need builders, growers and artists! HAPPY LOVERS of life!!!

*Immediate work/play: We need to build an outdoor solar shower, outdoor food prep center, a rooftop deck, a pump house a new kitchen,
(2) deluxe 10x10` tent cabins and much more to be constructed, underground cooling, cellars, murals to cover buildings! Tree houses... all good stuff
and...drum roll~~~~~~ the never-ending beauty of the daily 2 hours of outdoor farm maintenance! (haul water, chop wood;-)
*Garden assistant wanted. Working an in the garden of love, and with chickens and compost, Creating hugel mounds and flowers beds and gardens down by the tiny house. (Beginning stages of permaculture food forest!)
Experience is a bonus but no experience is OK as well. This is just the beginning stage and it is a grand place to learn and get an education in off-grid sustainability STEPS.

Time frame: Approximately 2 weeks -4 weeks MAX
Arrive on-fire, leave on-fire, we like big flames!

The best plan: NO TOBACCO, NO ALCOHOL, no depression!!
LIVE FREE WITH US! Healthfully!!!

++This is a VEGETARIAN co-op++

ECO projects and personal growth await us all!!!

Kind friends,
let`s never Debate POLITICS, even the NEWS...!
Leave Hollywood and Facebook behind. Rare-occasion
device use is best. (internet)

Peace to all---practice it Here and Now.
Calm music only-ZEN
BRING musical instruments. Guitars are here.

We stay away from the energy and culture of alcohol drinking and tobacco or any addictions.
(this is not a sex, drugs and rockNroll place)
We prefer a Monastic Garden!!! Where LIFE is being LIVED fully!

Be free of the old world and let`s enjoy OUR real-ness. You will feel very differently once the dead animals and alcohol are out of your system. Give it a try! Several folks have shared that they felt physically better leaving here than when they arrived. Recharge your soul battery and connection
with LIFE munching kale, a carrot, a strawberry!

Let`s live by "The Four Agreements" check it out on Youtube.

What is "YOUR WORD" worth? Can you be relied on 100% of the time?

Most here seem to enjoy sharing, with all, open hearts, teachings of all the great Masters and we always love it when you contribute/share the wonders of your favorite teachers. Satsang at any time or upon request is a great idea! This is your path! Ours too!

Community/personal BREAKDOWN, DIScomfort:
How does this happen? Where does it come from?
DECEIT is usually the basis of any of our pain. If we have agreed to come here and lovingly work hard and share and care and be fair, and then we don`t, it sucks for the whole group!
Deceit is your SEPARATION from the whole,
The Community!
Let`s ask each day:
what would serve us all best
as far as breakfast, wake up time, gigs outside,
giving to the, world, lunch time, how to help
each other smile and move forward?

self-serving in any way... that would mean you`re not doing YOUR communal part, therefore deceiving all of the group and WE all notice and FEEL IT. Let`s all fulfill all of our obligations to the Whole! Let`s talk about it daily to keep all clean, clear, and honest, wanting for everybody
else exactly what you want for you.
How cool to LIVE GENUINELY!!!!
(me,me,me-takers OR Thee, thee, thee-givers!)?

We like to create and encourage a spiritual -Eco village and happy tribe vibe.
Nothing close to a Fraternity party hook-up hang out.

Our brainstorming gets fun and silly, we came up:

"Come live sparsely in spiritual luxury"

or, "FREEcological explorations by perma-Cult members!"

Pablo Picasso said:
"The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life IS TO GIVE IT AWAY! "

We are trying to do exactly that and encourage that!

The chickens now have their two new houses, now we get to build
a new kitchen in the traveler`s room ( We are thinking all retro white gas Coleman appliances) solar oven, brick oven, solar water heart, cabinets, counters, 8 windows to install and CREATIVE painting!
Our large 1/2 completed greenhouse needs building expertise!
A Tree House has been suggested-let`s do it!
Landscaping is needed in many places-let`s beautify every inch!

With all that out said, the Truth is that it does not matter at all WHAT WE DO here, it is all about HOW we do it, lovingly as ONE! That is why we get together;
to perfect that and PRACTICE unconditional Love, LIGHT and the knowingness that the Universe/God/Source is the source
of what is provided to us. Let`s find new ways to ask/receive/love and GIVE AWAY more!

We want to develop ETHICAL, GREEN products
to share with the world,
and free videos on how to do all that we do here! Got video skills and motivation to follow projects thru to a debut launch?
Bring your ideas, we have lots and we create here!

We are ridiculously fun and caring and we WORK HARD, sweat, and itch, sometimes we run out of water, and eat hardy always, lotsa fresh food,
and as a community, and we laugh hard,
take a few peace puffs, and don`t take this world too seriously.
We make do and are satisfied.
AND, I as principal host (rex) am NOT well-organized, nor a good manager, nor do I have any idea how to manage people and a farm and animals and teens and resources and unknown personalities ... Teach me, let`s manage "it" together-with HONOR, and lovingly-The Key!

Let`s not bring hidden addictions, nor anger nor gossip nor deception here. Leave it all behind
you in the past. This can be a great place to lose an ego by living in the now, genuinely!

Jesus/Isa/the renegade rabbi, our favorite guru,
said to:
"BE like kids"
We take that charge seriously!
He even said, "Don`t worry about tomorrow"
Imagine knowing you have food to eat and
a place to stay! No stress!!!

Yeshua ben Joseph (mystic):
"For I was hungry and you gave me food,
I was thirsty and you gave me drink,
I was a stranger and you welcomed me,

(What did that say?????) omG, HELPX?

"I was naked and you clothed me"
Yeah, we love to give away free lightly worn,
extremely loved co-op t-shirts. ( Jesus giving
the peace sign.)

TEEs are gifted to us by a brother and they
even come with free bread loaves. We keep them out of the landfill and add/print a beautiful message on them.
We are now attempting to gift them around the world.
We have so much fun with them and we look like
a scout group made of pirates, gypsies and stoners hiking
Yosemite Park proudly in them.
John the Baptist would hide well with us.
We are an expanding community team.
We join as two or more in Christ-consciousness
(one big family caring for each other, not self-serving egos)

YOSEMITE National Park area

We are a husband and wife team, Rex and Jane, early 50s,
with our kids in high school and college. (+friends)

THIS is our mission IN LIFE!!!!
Gifting Free water, food, shelter, wifi, and smiles and hugs,
skills and relationships and nature!!! Green CO-OPeration!!! HONEST WORK!
All combined to raise the consciousness of each being
which blesses the Whole Earth!

This place is NOT MONEY backed, it is faith and miracle backed.

We are trying, and learning to perfect being
GIFT-minded, not trade-minded.


THERE IS A KINGDOM OF MONEY and me, my, and mine

WITH NO MONEY-sharing as equals


KINGDOM of little to NO money! Fun-Miraculous!!!
MAKE,GIFT,BARTER,TRADE, lovecycle stuff...
"do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are NOW!"

NOTE: the gift giving is getting crazy!
people have donated hens,wood, windows, food, building supplies
and all we need! FREE is
our favorite color and style!
WE Score 500++ kilos of FREE
fruit for the chickens and us, each Saturday!
We convert it into meals, chicken food, compost
and keep giving it away!

We honor your zest for FREEDOM!!!
We applaud your escape from society!
Let`s figure out the new paradigm of FREEco-operation?

Who is going to start a loving, truthful, compassionate oasis on this planet?

Who? When? Why not US? NOW!

All we have is what we have and each other,
I say WE get together and create and enjoy the most real, genuine, healthy, kind, compassionate experience on Earth.
Any takers?

We know that everyone who crosses paths
all have lessons for each other if our hearts and eyes are open.
We invite that experience!

Having FUN, a great time, an EXPERIENCE to remember
for a lifetime is what we call RELATIONS, that is what
"this" is all about!

EXPERIMENT?: We`d like to go "off grid 3-4 days
a week, no power, to see how good we get at cooking, lighting,
warming water, solar oven baking, sleep times, all natural rhythms.
Do we have any idea what that will be like? We haven`t done it yet!
Any willing volunteers?

Please CARRY YOUR LOAD Daily without reminders!
Community First! Fly out of bed with a smile.
Your personal gigs second.
There is no guru nor king, nor mommy here
and we make lots of mistakes! Not perfect yet!

What does happiness cost? And freedom?
Is freedom found in FREE or is that dumb?
What keeps you from being 100% Happy?
What did you share last week? Yesterday?
What do you have an abundance of?
Do you ever fear "running out"?
Is your source of life-stuff YOU or the Universe?
Can happiness be in the future? The past? When?
What is "right"?
What defines morality?
Hurting/killing helpless animals, is it ever moral?
Psychological violence, are you wired with some?
Who pays others to kill animals or people?
How much of your life is lived in some kind of rebellion?
What would just living "YOU" look like?
Is your neighbor less important than you?
Who is your neighbor ? (read the Good Samaritan story)
Are all painful lessons worthwhile?
Can a deceiver really see Truth?
What is your MISSION in life?
What will you GIVE the world? When?

We like to see our interaction as a grand
GIFT Giving party!

REALly LIVING thru REALly giving!!!!!

(flat bread and fish-story)
Jesus would give these chill lectures on
the beach and then GIVE free fish tacos
for all of those rough people,
his friends. His friends asked
what they could do to further the cause,
He said,
"Feed my sheep!"
He said it! -lol
We do it! Ye docile wanderers in nature.
I know this is a baaaaaaaaaaad joke
but, we love to give out free tacos and more.
Come join the party, and chat about what is
real. That won`t be politics,sports, nor
modern entertainment...


This is a WORKING CO-OP!
Watering, weeding, firewood, chicken poop shoveling, tree trimming,
tasty meals to fix, clean-up, rock collecting, building, trails, fences, road repair, fruit drying, painting, stuff to move, seeds to plant, ideas to share...
practice a sane, happy, ethical, sharing lifestyle.

Decide how far you want to go
with giving the three things we all have:

Good to ponder, where we`ll choose to put our limits!
What shall WE make it look like?
The energy of each new group is different!
We like to see and support your "self-guidance"
Practice it here, maybe for the first time?
Cool, we support that. What does your energy
mixed with all here look like?
We are open, this is your and our deal.
PermaCulture someday is our goal! Fresh RICH FOOOOOD-ultimate health!!!!!

Month 13
This is NOT a fully functioning self-sustaining farm. (yet)
WE currently are building:
A new coop for MORE happy free-range chickens (19 now-more soon)
We are adding more large veggie planter boxes, covered
and protected from wild animals.
We want more Hugel mounds "-study-hugelkultur"
We want to sprout and plant more fruit trees!
We want to create several Zen gardens,
and nice, natural groomed-landscapes.
We have a slate sidewalk started by (Giacomo the Roman hwy. builder)
We want more interior work done, new kitchen location...
We want the outdoor SOLAR shower finished
Greenhouse on site awaiting erection....
Yeah, this place is a creative paradise!
WE HAVE tools, equipment, machines and know-how!

We are very fun and energetic and are building a FREE community
center for fun, creative Travelers. We restored vintage vws
here in the Mountains for 25 years. We love vw camper bus camping!
Now we are clearing the land and shop (cars and equipment) for camping and ECO-gardening FUN!!!
We have a lovely 15 acres with Oaks, pines and wild animals,and
hippie love-buses.

It often looks like this:
Summer: hot-sweaty-dirty-outdoor work, too much sun
and a few poison oak plants, dry weeds...composting outdoor toilet,
a garden hose or indoor shower,
a fresh nectarine off our tree.
Winter: gather firewood, stay warm, make compost, bake bread...
I am the semi-grumpy old man host continually
committed to getting it all right daily!

"Twister for the Soul"
said Carl of Eric`s Yoga class.

Expect a great dinner made with many hands and love
and foreign flavors and smells...
Good chat, then we layout a few ideas for tomorrow.
Rest in a camper bus or cot, indoors or tiny house or ...? options

We don`t sell stuff made from your gifted time and efforts!
We share it, enjoy it, receive from others and pay more forward
to future travelers! And love it when you leave great stuff here! ~lol

Fiona (helper extraordinaire) sent back a message....

"real toilets and 20 minute showers are over rated. I`ve been ruined for life."

~~the BEST Christmas dinner ever!!! (Keaven)

we do ok here
"Everyday Thanksgiving!"

(is this getting long yet?)

Type of help needed:
Cooking / shopping
General Maintenance
Help with Eco project
Help in the house
Animal care
Language practice
Art project
Help with Computers / internet

Homework Assignment: Please hit Youtube and study:
Composting, permaculture, hugelKultur, organic veggie gardens,
chickens, vermiculture, solar oven baking and
any video by Lester Levenson , "The four agreements" by Ruiz
and you`ll be quite up to speed when you arrive.

Let`s do 2 weeks- If we mutually LOVE it and each other
we can do 4 weeks max, then time to send you out to spread the luv

Galactic hitch-hikas and travelers should arrive in Merced CA 95340
Greyhound Bus or Amtrak Train (Closest airport is Oakland or
Sacramento, or little Fresno CA.) From Oakland to Merced, there
is a small airplane flight!!!!

Merced Arrival: first thing in the morning or late in the eve-PLEASE.
midday robs us of a whole day

We can pick you up at the Amtrak train or Greyhound bus station.
PLEASE come first thing in the MORNING or late
in the evening, if not, we have to take the day off and sit
and wait for your midday arrival. NOT optimal.
Cars welcome too.
Your own tent camping is no prob

This is NOT a place to come for "laying around" and SLEEPING IN, we are busy bees and we create stuff together daily! EARLY! 9AM SHARP for Winter breakfast. 7AM in the HOT Summer (43c degrees) Honestly, we work as a group often many MORE than 5 hours a day.

This is a NEW big project and conversion of the property. We want to clean-up, set-up the spacious Common`s Room, build a greenhouse and many hidden ZEN gardens, fix the chicken coops and trim trees, create more compost, use and develop alternative energy systems, do window installations, paint murals, plant, construction, greenhouse...perhaps
a bit of vintage vw restoration, most importantly enjoy each other! Share food and stories, at times a peace pipe

No alcohol , no tobacco, no sleeping in

Bring your own coffee. We don`t supply it.
We do not provide dairy. We do make almond milk.

Warmly, rex and Jane and gang

NOTE: We work out of town a couple of
weekends a month. You and the others will be alone
for a couple days here and there.

Languages spoken
Languages spoken
Smiles, English, Hugs, Castellano, Portugues (Brasileiro), the heart

Sleeping? a Nice vintage comfy VW CAMPER BUS, or, One indoor
room with three beds. We are currently building
a spacious common`s room. 2-6 people OK. A dog maybe-let`s talk.
Tent camping is easy and fine if you prefer, many wonderful spots.

Typical breakfast-Together, simple: tea, oatmeal, fruit 9:00 AM sharp. (Winter hrs)

we do NOT supply, meat, dairy, nor coffee
We do pile up fresh and dry foods!

please DO NOT sleep-in and wander to the garden eventually...

FOOD EQUALITY must be understood and practiced with grand awareness, or inequality is felt by others.
Example: If one person gets up early and makes 3 eggs for themself,
multiply that by 12 people, what do you get? 36 eggs gone in one meal!!!
That is not sustainable.

Typical lunch: delicious left-overs from the previous night, or sandwiches, chips, fruit, veggies
Typical Dinner: 1 night a week Jane fixes a SPECTACULAR Mexican, Tai, Curry, American, or Pasta... full dinner
Jane knows how to cook!!!!!!!!!!!!! She is known and worshiped for her skills!!!! Ask anybody ever here.
*All VEGETARIAN with some eggs and maybe optional cheese here and there. Please don`t ask us to go get you a chicken.
*If your diet is very restrictive, please bring your own special food.
we don`t ever shop with "gluten free" in mind.
we can do a few things to accommodate that but
don`t want to do extreme shopping to meet your requirements.
Please bring your own specialty foods and supplement
with ours as you can.

There will be a wide variety of simple food on hand for group preparations.
Let`s ALWAYS EAT TOGETHER, not little groups.

If you are the type to fill your plate three times at a nice
meal, perhaps consider bringing some food to help out.
We operate this thing will almost NO money, but give
it all we have.

FOOD EQUALITY, is a lesson we are learning now. THINK
deeply about that in a communal system.

Jane will surprise us with some home baked goodies here and there...
maybe cinnamon rolls, chocolate cake that will put you in a diabetic coma,
Fresh Apple pie... strawberry... WE ARE FOODIES!!!
I must stop, I`m drooling now

WE are VEGETARIANs, we eat our own range-free, happy, chicken eggs.Cared for Bees to come.
WE do NOT fix dead-animal meals here.

SOAP: BRING nothing but Dr. Bronners (or similar environment friendly
biodegradable, organic...) we use the grey water for trees

VERY LIMITED WIFI: Wifi is ONLY from 8-10pm Monday,Thurs. Sat
ONLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! take a break
Enjoy being detached from what you left behind!
We offer high-speed wifi, we just don`t want to live with
people living on it as often as possible. RARE USE is the idea.

Winter in Cali.
Breakfast at 9:00 AM SHARP
(BRING your own ALARM-one of the only rules!)

Group Outdoor Fun projects start at 9:30-AM or earlier, SUMMER IS HOT
Fall is nice!!! It freezes at night Nov.-Jan/Feb
9:00AM breakfast eating begins. GET UP as needed! We don`t wake people

WE ALL do until the done-feeling comes, 4-10 hours a day-ish.
The hosts never stop working.
We aren`t trading work hours for food. We all work/create and we eat.
Nobody really watches clocks.
No late sleepers please, wrong place, wrong energy!

very little weed in the late eve is OK. This is California,
legal weed/pot is OK in the eves only.
Bring some to share
if that is your deal.

We insist NO alcohol, no tobacco, no vices!!!!!!!!!
Depressed, Emotional issues?
This is probably NOT the place for you.
We are ALL passionate about the WORK
and projects here!!!! We don`t feel equal
with those who have to take time off
to cry and heal... and be alone
and away from the group.
We love you and think you`d do
better in a much different environment.
We are not social workers but are Social while we Work!

What else ...
What else ...
We love going to Yosemite, which is about an hour drive from here, and try going when we can, we`d love to show you around the National Park, if we get a chance during your stay.
The closest store/town is around a 15 minute drive and we don`t go on a daily basis.

Highlights: Fresh air and star gazing, ZEN garden sitting and yoga outdoors. Fresh organic
eggs from happy free-range hens
Public Bus to Yosemite $6 !!!
*Mtn. Bikes with often flat tires!!
* safe neighboorhood jogging
* outdoor onsite self-guided yoga on a big granite slab "the rock" with a view ( we seem to attract many Yogis who give it)
*on hot days, "the rock" stays warm for Star Gazing
*Wild Animals! They are shy and you will rarely see them,
but they are there! Cougars, deer, coyotes, foxes, bobcats, squirrels, skunks, hawks, ravens, wild turkeys
* onsite vintage volkswagen cool stuff and cars
* In town bars, pizza, food (very small town)
* Merced River, 30 minutes away: fishing, tubing, swimming, gold
* on site "bouldering"
several of these things require a personal car,
there is very limited public transportation
*Lowes. Walmart, Costco or the Mall are 1 hour away-Merced
*some groups have rented a car together
and done weekend adventures and the returned.

Let`s make our time together a satisfying Gift Exchange!
Longer term is a possibility IF short term is wonderful.
Thank YOU, for checking us out! You`ll find your reason
for being here.

If we are FULL to the brim, and you made it this far,
at the least, you can come visit
and camp for free and see and play (bring food!)

Each visitor must sign a "release of liability"
you will be here in the rugged mountains,
with snakes,animals, extreme heat, and poison oak, power tools,
saws, rock ledges, maybe aliens?
You`ll be 100% at your own risk.
Now let`s let the fun begin


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