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Patric Scasny

Patric Scasny, 42 from Germany (male)
Email: click here
Network: Europe
Present Country: Germany
Join Date: April 3, 2017
Last Updated: June 16, 2019
Last Signed In: June 16, 2019

Companion Ad:
Just ask me. I am not actively seeking a companion but maybe it's nice to do this together for a while. Anyone who speaks or better IS spanish would be nice as I started to learn spanish.

Next Destination(s):
Europe, Germany

Helper Description:
UPDATE 01/26/2019:
I do not have a car anymore. Will not get one again soon (if at all). So when inviting me please give me an idea of how to possibly get to you by public transport or any other possible way. I still have my two dogs to bring along and I am still vegan ;-) Love and peace to all you beautiful people out there!

UPDATE 02/08/2018:
I am not really available atm. But please feel free to message me anyways as we all never know how things might change. I am an apprentice in frame carpentry since July 2018. Thanks folks and stay safe and curious out there! ;-)

UPDATE 11/28/2017:
I am in Germany now and solved my transport issue. Means, I have a car and can go most everywhere I want ;). I am very interested in Belgium, France, Spain, Austria and Switzerland atm. I need to point out again that I am travelling with two dogs and there is no way I can leave them elsewhere (I am making that clear again because several people asked me to leave them with I don't know who...) Sooooo... I want to spend Christmas with my family in Germany so I am available until December, 20th and after that from basically the beginning of January.
UPDATE 09/06/2017:
I am currently planned until the end of September. After that I won't take any offers in Canada anymore... Really sorry!!! I would like to find something in Belgium/Holland/France (east!) from approximately end of November to December 20. This is subject to availability of transport and could change at short notice. PLEASE message me in every case if you are in need to see if I can rearrange anything!
UPDATE 08/17:
I will be in Canada until the end of October 2017. After that I'll leave for Europe!


I am Patric. 41 yrs. old (or young, depending on how you look at it) and am in Canada currently until the end of October 2017. I have a car and am keen on learning about agriculture, farming and anything related to that. Since I changed my diet and life style to veganism recently I would prefer not to be the guy helping on huge cattle farms or killing the chicken. I don't mind working with and for animals/pets but please understand that my choice makes it rather impossible for me to help in farming that disrespects animal life. Yet, I believe there are better and worse ways of taking a life if for whatever reason it seems unavoidable. I bring two dogs along which are the most precious, truest and most important friends to me. As I have been asked for already to leave them elsewhere I want to clearly underline that this is no option at all. I do not smoke, I rarely drink and try to do sports regularly (such as running and yoga). I am good at cooking and trying out new recipes. Just in case you're afraid of bringing a vegan in: My choices are my business and I will not try to "turn you around". I live in deep believe of respect for each other and any living thing around me without feeling attracted to ANY religion. If you're curious I am happy to tell you about the long way that made me decide this.

For what I can offer skills wise:

- handy with tools and basic knowledge in wood handling
- I know how to use a spade and do NOT run away from bugs and worms when working in the fields (lived on a dairy farm long ago for two years, we also grew potatoes and other vegetables)
- I am a trained sales man and could help on markets and/or farm shops/wholesale
- I have a 24 years experience in gastronomy (waiting, bar, restaurant, kitchen, baking etc.)
- my last job was in an english Pasty Shop (shop manager/management assistance)
- I speak English and German fluently, I keep learning french on duolingo, but also speak some words of dutch and want to learn Spanish next.
- my professional training as a sales man included specialising in woods (it was a wholesale for woods used for both cabinet builders and carpentry- but that is almost 20 yrs ago and I haven't worked in the field for about 16 years)
- I am open to new ideas
- I am flexible
- used to work longer and harder if needed

I do like my freedom but at the same time enjoy being with good hearted and communicative people to philosophise about the world, believes and whatever else seems worth and important to become a subject in that very moment. I am travelling the country not only to learn about farming but also to enjoy the Canadian culture which includes people telling me about. I would be really happy to be a part of the family/the team you are there. Basically I would prefer to stay at least three weeks and longer (where possible, also have to make up my mind concerning how long and where I want to go as at some point I need to return to Alberta)

Last but I think not unimportant thing is:

I have been married to a man for almost ten years. So if you prefer "straight" people or belong to any group of people that refuse freedom of choice for everyone in their private life you might want to leave me out and just walk on!