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Patric Scasny

Patric Scasny, 44 from Germany (male)
Email: click here
Network: Europe
Present Country: Germany
Join Date: April 3, 2017
Last Updated: August 7, 2020
Last Signed In: August 7, 2020

Companion Ad:
Let's come together and have fun and learn from each other- let's just live it! Looking for something in my area atm. So basically mid Germany, maybe somewhere along the borders... Whenever I can leave here. Let's talk about it.

Next Destination(s):
Europe, Germany

Helper Description:
Hey everyone.

I needed to get this updatetd completely as the past three years have had a proper effect on me and my views.

However, my name is Patric, 44 in years, single (divorced), living together with two lovely dogs that I bring along every time and everywhere.
At the moment I am in Solingen/Germany which actually is the city I was born in but other than that I'd be more than happy to leave here rather soonish ;-)
I am vegan and although I have some exceptions (happy to explain at times) I am keen on living a healthy life which includes plant medicines of various kinds. It's only fair you know that I am pretty 420 friendly.

After being divorced in 04/2017 I went to Canada for half a year and did some helpx there which I enjoyed a lot. I came back to Germany to learn and be trained as a frame carpenter. I finished last June successfully.
So I can offer you the following:

- carpentry
- basic roofing
- any kind of timber/wood works
- overall usefully handy I think
- I love animals and children (every living being is of the SAME value to me)
- basics in photoshop, indesign, illustrator
- gardening (basics, means I know they need dirt and water :-))
- drivers license for 12t lorry train and trailers
- gastronomy management
- cooking, washing, cleaning (we all had to learn at home)
- also a trained salesman (additionally I am a specialized salesman for timber/wood)
- also I write lyrics, texts and poems

To give you an idea of where to start negotiating:
Preferably I would like to work a maximum of 6 hrs./day and a total of 25 hrs./week which justifies a bed and 2 meals/day for a week (yes, a week has 7 days) in my opinion. I can bring my own tent and cooking equipment if necessary. If you need more help than that or you have a specific task or certain time frame things need to happen in or a project that needs doing urgently (e.g. before the winter), send me a message and let's talk about it personally. You are free and welcome to contact me through whatsapp, fb messenger (not on fb though), telegram, threema, skype, signal or imessage or you send me a letter ;-)

Allow me to give you some minor but rather important (personal) facts about me that I think shouldn't have to be mentioned in advance but you never know people really, do you?!:

- I have a strong opinion AGAINST racism, violence and all other sorts of respectless behaviour and I DO stand up for my believes
- I don't share religious believes, spiritual views and thoughts of any kind and I don't believe in any of those one-god-only-stories... please don't force them on me
- I was married to another man
- I hate a wasteful lifestyle
- I love philosophizing over a little reefer and a glas of wine until sunrise somewhere outdoors (the best!)

Shalom sisters and brothers