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Anthony Davies

Anthony Davies, 72 from United Kingdom (male)
Email: click here
Network: New Zealand
Present Country: United Kingdom
Join Date: August 25, 2012
Last Updated: November 13, 2019
Last Signed In: November 13, 2019

Companion Ad:
Hi, Iím visiting New Zealand from 20 November 2019 through until 2 April 2020... I will be based in Nelson and will be travelling around that region and further as opportunities occur. I would be great to have a travelling companion. I look forward to hearing from you. Best Tony

Next Destination(s):
I'm visiting Nelson from 19 November 2019 until 1 April 2020...

If you need crew for your boat or need help with engineering
projects, I can help...

Helper Description:
Thanks for calling by, I'm Tony and on 26 February I completed my 72 orbit of the sun! Ones attitude regarding age may be considered using the analogy, mind over matter... if you don't mind it doesn't matter! Wow, where did the time go!

I'm a Cardiff (Whitchurch) boy, now residing in Dinas Powys (Vale of Glamorgan) if you want to Google it go to CF64.

I absolutely love living in Wales, especially Cardiff and the U.K. is wonderful. I believe that planet Earth has got to be paradise, of course it can also be heaven or hell depending on the individual's approach but I think it's a magical place.

I follow no formal religion finding them far too divisive for my liking but I do take from each what I consider to be of value.

I retired when I was 55 and I am pleased to say that I am still solvent, may it long continue! I ran my own business for the thick end of 30 years and sold it in 2003, I can't imagine now ever going back on the treadmill again! Retirement is great and I try not to let time slip away.

My simple take on life is that it's like a machine, the more energy you put in the more you get out, and should I be lucky enough to meet up with you, you will find I'm quite avant-garde, I enjoy my unconventional side and hope you will too, I'm endearing and sincere, attentive, loving, romantic, punctual, jovial, loyal, honest, generous and congenial and a kind and considerate, reliable, truthful sort of a chap at the same time, (wow I hear you say) who likes the simpler things in life, what you see is what you get and I never feign affection, I do what it says on the tin! Well most of the time anyway; I'm not Peter perfect or captain fantastic! by any means, who is?

I have a sailing yacht (35 ft), I sail in the Bristol Channel and further
when the weather permits: Ireland, Scillies, Channel Islands & etc. In fact I have two yachts, one is moored in Cardiff Bay and the other is a smaller one, which I keep at home and can be towed. Please don't be too fazed by the boat as I am very experienced and knowledgeable in matters nautical and also old enough to know when the conditions are conducive to enjoyment and not a tour de force, i.e. when not to go out! My next favourite hobby is my allotment, sounds a bit fuddy-duddy I know (maybe), but I just love it and get much pleasure from it. I visit it most days, it also helps to keep me fit, and I love the freshness of the veg. especially: runner beans, broad beans, tomatoes and of course new potatoes.

I also love to travel whenever I can, I was an officer (electrical) in the merchant navy when I was in my twenties so I recon there's still some wanderlust left in my veins, I've visited loads of places in my time, probably too numerous
to mention here but I know one thing a pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled also happiness is a by-product of what we share with others!

I consider myself to be one of Rocking Dave's top fans; who is Rocking Dave, I hear you ask. Well he's a local singer
who has a superb voice and whenever he's singing somewhere fairly near then I go out to hear him, he is absolutely
great and I never tire of him, he knows over 27,000 songs off by heart, sings all, and I mean all the Elvis Presley
titles, my daughter built his web site and I edit the updates.

Dancing; I love to dance, modern jive, thatís me, i.e. I make it up as I go along, so you'll need to be on your toes
to follow me I'll tell you!! There is nothing nicer than to dance with a gal that is light as a feather and follows
your every move, it's wonderful and the converse applies, nothing worse than dancing with someone who's like a plank! or even worse than that, is when the gal wants to lead! How spooky does that feel, sorry girls but the man is always in charge on the dance floor, I'm banging on a bit about this I know, but dancing is wonderful and whenever I get a chance then I'm up, I'm taking modern jive lessons at present to enhance my repertoire!

Other things I like doing are: Touring, when the weather is unsuitable for sailing, it's great and I love it.

I also run quizzes and usually carry a few quiz cards with me and I hold an impromptu quiz whenever the conversation
falls flat, they last about half an hour or so and they are usually well received, it's my little way of returning something back to the community, or paying it forward as they say.

I have two children a boy and girl 40 and 38 years old, they are both wonderful and doing fine, they have never been any bother and I love them to bits.

Computers are another great passion and I'm so pleased they have come along in my time, I love the power they possess
and the way they metamorphosise into many applications, especially the internet. I have numerous other hobbies and interests and from time to time I love to attend such things as shows, cinemas, parties, public houses, day trips, cooking, boot jumbles, D.I.Y. digital photography, talking, listening, reading, dinner dances, writing, walking, socialising, dinners, quizzes, chess, music, particularly rock & roll, 50s 60s 70s I think is the best, especially Elvis Presley.

Wow, I nearly forgot, cribbage, it's an ancient and very sociable card game, invented by Sir John Suckling in the
15th century if you didn't know. I love it and am always up for a challenge, I carry a small fold-up crib board with
me, so if you fancy a game or two then I'm you're man.

For the last four years I have spent our winters in New Zealand! it's a wonderful country and I intend to visit every
year! I have a camper there and usually spend 3 or 4 months touring around, mostly
the South Island. The weather is so much nicer in Kiwi! it's on the same latitude as the Mediterranean is in the
northern hemisphere, about the same as Cyprus but South of the equator of course. Nelson is my favourite place in Kiwi, it's a magical place!

I also believe in fate and believe everything happens for the best, perhaps this an over simplistic view, maybe? but
after all it's only life's idiosyncrasies leveling themselves. I love any outdoor activity and my eyes are blue if you wanted to know, oh and I've still got my own teeth and hair!
whats left of them anyway Ha Ha!

I will be in the fair land of the kiwi from November 2018 until February 2018... I've been to N.Z. 7 times, the first visit late 2010 for 3 months then last year November until March 4 months! I've motored around both islands! the South Island twice, I've been to Stuart Island and right up to Cape Reinga, so you could say I have a pretty good flavour of whats going on.

The vehicle I have (own) is a Toyota Previa I.E. a people carrier with the two rows of back seats removed, there is a single bed which converts to a double, I stay at bonafide camp sites and eat out in the evenings and at lunch time so
there is no need for a fancy camper it's all very workable and I love the lifestyle.

I may be a few years ahead of most in time but can assure you I can still cut a mean rug! that's if you know what I'm banging on about? I hope to hear from you soon. You can also contact me on skype; "tonybarebones" or e mail; tonybarebones at