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Elisa Franzosi

Elisa Franzosi, 22 from Italy (female)
Email: click here
Network: Europe
Present Country: Italy
Join Date: August 28, 2017
Last Updated: July 29, 2018
Last Signed In: May 5, 2019

Companion Ad:
I'm going to leave alone, because no one of my friends want to travel the Europe in this way. I would like to live for a while in every country of Europe for Example two months in Portugal, three weeks in Spain, France, Austria etc.. How long you need my help. If anyone is interested or has better ideas just let me know!

Helper Description:
Hi everyone!
My name is Elisa, Iím 22 and Iím Italian.
I love to travel! Iíve started when I was 9 thanks to my mum, who brought me to Egypt. I was studying the Ancient Egypt in primary school and I was so fascinated by the mistery, the perfection, about those people. Iíve visited Cairoís museum, the Sphinx, Gizaís pyramids and that was the beginning of my biggest passion: TRAVELLING. After that Iíve visited different places every summer. My mum and me, always. Sheís the most important person to me. I grow up with her, sheís the only person with always the smile on her face. ALWAYS! I donít know how can she do it. Sheís like a friend to me and Iím so glad for having her. When I was 17 I have choosen to go studying abroad alone for six months. I lived in Indiana, USA in a wonderful host family who is my second family now. They treated me like their own kids. They were so patient to me (I didnít even know how to speak English), they make me visit around, they make me having the best experience of my life so far. After that I came back to Italy, Iíve finished the high school and I left to Spain, for three months where Iíve worked in a hotel as a receptionist in Santiago de Compostela (it was a schoolarship offered by my high school). I came back again and Iíve started working in a travel agency and different shops until I left again to England in January 2017. Iíve been an Au Pair in Brimingham for six months and now I really would like to travel only. I would like to live for a while in every country of Europe from Portugal to Iceland, all of them, to speak more than one language and socialize with people. I want to visit new places, to taste new food, to grow up personallly, being indipendent and live the life! Thereís so much out there! And you give this huge possibility! Iím so glad I found you.
People describes me like a sweet and happy person, even if sometimes I like to stay on my own.. My friends adds stubborn and moody (sometimes) LOL.
I love animals, all of them, from the turtle to the dolphin. I canít even kill a spider. I like photography, nature, walking and food! Iím hiking a lot since the last summer, Iím lucky I live next to the Alps and when I can I go hiking till the top of them. Before my experience in USA I was always eating the same food (even in Christmasís time) but after that Iíve started to taste different food (I had to) and now I like to eat different food from mine.
This is me.