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Cormac Hyland

Cormac Hyland, 22 from United States (male)
Email: click here
Network: International
Present Country: United States
Join Date: September 1, 2019
Last Updated: May 20, 2020
Last Signed In: June 21, 2020

Companion Ad:
Hey there travel buddies! I will be volunteering around the USA for a year starting in March of 2020. If you want to join me you can send me a message and we can talk on WhatsApp. Alaska, Arizona, North Carolina, Oregon, Washington State, Texas, you name it I want to go there.

Helper Description:
Hello helpx hosts! My name is Cormac Hyland and I originate from the great plains of Kansas! I am looking to start volunteering at the beginning of August 2020. I spent two years volunteering around the world right out of high school to get a better understanding on the world outside of the corn fields I grew up in. I lived in each place for multiple months, some longer than others but each experience was unique. Coming back to this opportunity as a young adult allows me to move forward with more aim and direction. I have motives to learn more about off grid sustainability where I can, to better my understanding of the inner workings of running a farm such as management, using the most of the land you have to for profit / sustainability, and how to run it behind the scenes with the little details. Additionally, I would love to dive more into hydroponics if available, composting, milking, horticulture in all its glory, how to grow herbs in bulk supply, energy sources, alternative resources, organizational methods, but primarily off-grid practices and systems. I am looking to buy a plot of land to call my own to build my own cabin on and raise a small-scale farm of some kind. Whether that will be livestock or produce is yet to be decided. I value this alternative way of living in respect to the environment around you.

As for my past volunteering experiences, they are spread over the course of three years. My first volunteer experience lied in Chimacum Washington where I worked with turkeys and goats. I then spent six months teaching English to primary and secondary grades in Guatemala. I lived in Oregon for four months in Rogue River as a Farmerís Market Assistant, after which I went on to reside in the hills of the Big Island in Hawaii harvesting Macadamia Nuts for several months. Then finally capping off my adventures in an Eco-Village in southern Denmark. I value all of these opportunities I had and will not be a newcomer to living with hosts and other volunteers.

A bit about myself: I am currently balancing my studies between learning how to freelance and the knowledge / skills I will need to run my own off-grid farm. I enjoy writing fiction in my free time primarily focused on pioneer and colonial times. Self-development plays a big factor in my personal life as I am constantly trying to find resources that will improve my state of living. Spending time in meditation retreats or bunkered down with a good book are my ideal places to be. I have a deep rooted love for the pursuit of greatness over mediocrity and have a desire to get the most out of life while Iím here to adventure through it. I prefer chasing after hot tea, story-telling, breathing methods, and yoga over other things. I do not partake in drinking, drugs of any kind, partying, cellphone addiction, and things that hurt your potential. Donít worry, I donít mind the occasional shared ale after a hard days work around a bonfire among friends. I do not have any diet restrictions, or health preventions that keep me from working and contributing to the best of my ability.

When I am not working on off-grid farms I will only need a place to sit and study after work hours and a good wifi connection as I am going to be working as a freelancer to fund my lifestyle whilst gaining the necessary skills to start my own small farm. I am constantly working to try and buy my own plot of land by saving and being frugal. I am looking to stay on each farm for several months each. I can commit to as much as six months or over. In my past volunteer experiences I found that it is so important to stay for long periods of time especially after getting into a routine with knowledge on what your hosts require of you and how to do it every day.

My Skill Set going into August:

Work Ethic: I have grown up with a sturdy work ethic but have also learned a few tricks from volunteering around the world. Like cleaning your dishes every night, not leaving your room, trailer, tent, or hut in a mess, waking up every morning on schedule, contributing as much as you are capable of on a daily basis, offering something to your host family and fellow volunteers, and simply to just use common sense.


Farmerís Market Skills: I spent my time in Southern Oregon on an organic farm primarily spending my time as a market assistant. Unloading and loading truck, setting up the display units, interacting with guests, answering questions about our produce, flowers, or how we grow / harvest. Taking in cash and making change, having high energy and traveling to different locations every other day.

Landscaping / manual labor: Pulling out tarps, hauling wheelbarrows, digging for hours on end, unloading hay bales and dragging them on hooks to the barn, prepping a greenhouse for planting, cleaning out chicken coops, taking out manure, picking pears, you name it I probably did it.

Driverís License: I have my license and was able to drive farm trucks at certain farms if you need that.

Cooking: I can cook home made meals and would love to cook for a group setting on the farm where we can all eat together. Vegan meals, meat meals, I can find recipes and craft them up.

Childcare: This may not be an obvious one or even a needed skill but I spent time in Kansas working in childcare and taught English to large groups of kids. It is something I enjoy doing and wouldnít mind doing so if asked.

Working with animals: I was unable to find a farm in my previous experience that had livestock to milk but would love to find one this time around and am more than willing to learn how to milk. I have some experience with chickens and maintenance, herding goats, and filtering milk.

Gardening: Most of my time in Washington State was spent planting, prepping, and the spring work. Oregon taught me how to complete a harvest / pack up the farming season so I have been there through the yearís lessons.

Painting: I can paint rooms, barns, etc. Not a skill that takes a lot of time to learn but a helpful one.

Cleaning: I sure know how to wield some cleaning supplies. Deep scrubbing fridges, stoves, sinks, floors, walls, windows, etc. I was often put to the task of cleaning living spaces, kitchens, and rooms inside the hostís home.

Outdoors: I do not have a problem working in rain, sun, or snow.
I pulled leeks in pouring rain, shoveled feet of snow in January, and collected hundreds of eggs in scorching heat. Working on an Eco-Village in Denmark taught me to actively practice conservatism and frugality.

I am currently studying permaculture, hydroponics, alternative living, organic practices, and other topics to get a well-rounded understanding before arriving and then being able to adapt to the system that you have set in place.

I am a self-starter, independent worker, quick to take what youíre saying and apply it, easy to get into routines on the farm, pay attention to the details to make sure I am following your instructions clearly, and love to rest after a hard dayís work. I am a naturally energetic person able to last for the long haul.

I will note that the most important thing I can bring to the table is my attitude. I have noticed volunteers who will say what appeals to the host and then slack off once they get there or party, sleep in, not show enthusiasm, on and on. Work ethic and the desire to learn far exceed anything else in essence. Hosts tend to have their own ways of how they like to do things and they will share these with you. This is what I discovered most about my travels thus far.