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Lucy Levitt

Lucy Levitt, 24 from United States (female)
Email: click here
Network: USA
Present Country: United States
Join Date: March 5, 2017
Last Updated: August 12, 2019
Last Signed In: August 18, 2019

Companion Ad:
I would love to have a travel companion. I am seeking a person that is just as adventurous as myself. I am looking for a kind, respectful, and flexible human with an authentic heart. I like to be around others but I also value my alone time. My personality is half introverted and extroverted. I like people that I can be both of those things around. There is not always a need to fill the silent space and I thoroughly enjoy someone that understands that. I like coming up with innovative ideas and I love someone I can laugh and relax with. My spirituality is my main focus and I enjoy others that have a similar mindset on life that includes a universal approach. I lead myself with my heart and I always follow my intuition consciously and subconsciously. We are all human and we are all learning. Being kind during the process of learning is a must. I am very empathetic and I feel the subtleties of energies and how they can uplift the mood or drain it. It's important to me to not drain those around me and I am always seeking a solution to work with emotions instead of throwing them around. We all have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to remain humble. Common sense and common respect is a must so that we can stay in harmony with each other even through the turbulence of life. I'm looking for a companion that has an open heart. We will match on an energetic level and we will know immediately. We communicate with our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. All that needs to be communicated will be found through the channels of body, mind, and soul.. I trust that the right companion will find me as I find them.

Next Destination(s):
I'm in Santa Cruz and I am seeking a work trade in the Northern
California area.

Helper Description:

My birth name is Amanda Levitt but I go by Lucy, my great grandmothers name. I was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia. I am a young inspired individual hoping to make a difference in this world. Ever since I was a young girl I had a magnetism to being of service. I knew it was a great way to be connected to teachers and opportunities.

I have experience in many different fields of work. I have experience working on farms in many different fashions. I have worked on herb farms, hemp farms, veggie farms. I also went to garden camp when I was a child and I would often work in the gardens with my family in the Midwest. Many of my family members and friends had flower and vegetable gardens I would work trade in for the summer. I have also worked jobs in customer service, restaurants, hair salons, Airbnb;housecleaning/hospitality, face painting/arts and crafts events, babysitting, and dog walking.

When I was a teenager my close friends mother sat me down and she said if I wanted to travel I had to hone in on my skills of trade. She explained to me that wherever you go, be of service and leave a place better than when you got there. This advice stuck with me and I have accumulated many different acts of service through my years of living.

I have a special connection with my intuition when it comes to working with others that need help. I am especially experienced with the subtleties of life. I am a very compassionate person and I know that is a benefit when working with others in community. I'm kind and considerate to those around me and I strive to be the best I can for the team I am working with.