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Samuel Orchard

Samuel Orchard, 40 from United Kingdom (male)
Email: click here
Network: Europe
Present Country: Romania
Join Date: July 12, 2009
Last Updated: August 22, 2019
Last Signed In: August 28, 2019

Companion Ad:
I am looking to travel with somebody with Belgian origins, in a town called Lisa in the country of Romania. Ideally they would be called Emma, or allow me to call them Emma regardless of what their name is.

Next Destination(s):
I've currently committed myself to a project in Romania, and plan to be committed to it for some time

Helper Description:
I was previously in Bucuresti doing some volunteer work for an NGO called the Romania Volunteer & Tourism Center (, I was (and still should be really) making videos to promote Romania.

Here's a little something I've done if you're interested (not the music or the photos, but the putting togethr of) . .

I am now seeing what it is like living in different places in the Romanian countryside for a while. I wanted to be doing something more active and healthy rather than sitting at my computer all the time. Hopefully at the same time get more practice speaking and listening to the Romanian Language.

I plan to be in Portugal for the winter, and perhaps go to Italy for a little while before this.


At the ripe old age of 38 having been moving from one place in the world to another all the time, I decided to come to Romania. I wanted to try and go about seeing if I could stay in one place for an extended amount of time, and finally learn a second language whilst I was at it.

I would have come 3 years sooner maybe (when I was just a baby at 35), if I hadn't had to stay in the UK to deal with family things, which was the need to spend time with my late bed ridden grandmother, and to sort out the property I own with my brother.

I am now trying to see a bit of what Romania is like, and how it might be to live in different places around Romania, whilst also trying to figure out and establish some sort occupation. I like to be physically active and be interacting with people, but I also want to try and re-invigorate the skills I started to develop at University, which involves a lot of non-active work sat in solitude on my computer!


The most important thing to me at the moment, is the situation and environment I'm in, though if I could 'pick and choose', I would be more than happy doing the following . . .

Property maintenence
Landscaping / Gardening / Food growing stuff
Animal stuff
. . or, anything that puts me in a situation where I'm intereacting with people would be good too.

I'm thinking I may want to get a property in the countryside in the future and restore it, so it would be good to get as much experience as possible that would be relevant to this.


Being content
Bit of a handyman
Being independent
Being fit and enduring
Builder's / carpenter's assistant
PC computers, I can make a computer
Teaching English as a Foreign Language, CELTA qualified, 2 years experience teaching children of all aged
Degree in Multimedia Systems (computing, hardware and software)
Multimedia: video, images, sound recording/editing, graphic design programs, T-Shirt print design


My life today has some how developed into an addiction to wanting to experience different life styles in different situations.

I have worked in offices at times, and it's not for me.

I'm interested in more things that I can mention here. Here's a list of things in a vague order:

- restoration / renovation / maintenance of property/land.
- general building of things
- landscaping
- various sports and outdoor activities
- music
- arts and crafts
- experiencing different life styles
- learning a bit of language
- keeping healthy
- helping people learning English
+ much more other stuff


My most recent volunteering experience involved labour work on a small building site and was during April 2016. I was helping to building a house situated on an island in Scotland, with the person whose house it would be.

For 2 years before moving to Romania in February 2017, I had been doing PROPERTY MAINTENENCE and improvement works on my apartment, and being a builder's, and to a lesser extent a carpenter's assistant.

At the same time as doing the property maintenence building work, I was updating and practising my multimedia skills. Multimedia skills being filming, video editing, digital graphical animation, image processing/manipulating, graphic design, sound recording/manipulation/editing.

Probably the most involving thing I've done to my apartment is the work I did on my bathroom.

First I had to repair a water damaged shower wall in my bathroom, replacing the cement board backing to the tiles, then re-tile and re-attach the bath to the wall using my own methods.

Then after that, I . .

. . . stripped and painted the walls
. . . fitted a new light and shaving light
. . . itroduced new wiring for the shaving light, and repositioning other wiring behind the wall rather than having in infront in trunking
. . . cut and put up my own shelves
. . . fitted a mirror and corner unit

I have spent about 2 and a half years abroad TEACHING ENGLISH to children.
I began teaching in South Korea in 2008, and most recently, in 2012/2013, I taught at a state school in the Georgian countryside (next to the Black Sea, not the US state). I stayed with a Georgian family whilst doing this.
In both countries taught children from Kindergarden ages up to children in their teens.

Two years ago I was a DOG SLEDDER in the far north of Arctic Norway. Where dogs are concerned, as a teenager I also helped train guide dogs with my family for the first year of the dogs' life.