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Terric OTF O'Connor

Terric OTF O'Connor, from United States (male)
Email: click here
Network: International
Present Country: United States
Join Date: May 24, 2010
Last Updated: September 20, 2019
Last Signed In: September 20, 2019

Companion Ad:
Sure I would love to meet people who are game to travel around and seeing Europe or other places on a shoe string budget learning about this great big world full of wanders. I have been to a many places and met many people on my travels some who decided to join helpX, work-a-way, WOOF after talking or backpacking with me or walking compostel for a bit or that I couch surfed with in different cities. You want an adventure tag along with me but don't expect your average person because I am anything but.... I have walked the Jacque de compostelle (Way of St.James) and the GR or (Grate Root)PCT, AT and many other's

Next Destination(s):
Currently in the States wandering around
looking for places to go
that are interesting with good people to meet and
new experiences to have Currently in Monterey CA.Let me know if u need Help Texas

Helper Description:
Terric OTF O'Connor
Citizen of the world
[email protected]
1.334.372.7644-AL / 831.582-8960-CA State side NO.& WhatsApp
Skype- remidin


I have gone to school for and Worked in the Fields of Law, Forestry and Culinary arts/Hospitality All Skill's and artforms I continue to learn about and gain knowledge on and strive to master to 1 degree or another as well as many other skill's. I have also worked in construction so have some skills in Painting, carpentry, building, home renovation. I am a bit of a MacGyver A Master of Segments you might say or a Martial of Art's and know a lot about a lot of things and how to do them but don't know every thing. A jack of all trades Master of none and always looking to learn something new or advance the knowledge I already have.

I am currently back in the states after traveling around Europe for many years always looking for the next adventure and in search of something greater than myself. And the fact that in the current world situation where there are many people in need and not enough to help. I am still left with 2 options 1. continue to dream about traveling Europe/World Learning and making a difference or 2. get off my ass and just do it (Guess which I Picked). So I guess you can say I am on a type of sabbatical or walk about Looking to learn new things and advance old in hopes of passing it on to others and for my self learn to be a better Man.

I truly KNOW there is far more to life then just what most of society likes to convince people of and pound into there heads or program them with. I truly Know that we as humans/Homosapiens are here to help each other as best as each is able to do as an Individual and to learn from each other. I have worked with many associations and churches on my travels that feed people and work with the elderly, handicapped, refuges and homeless. I am hoping to learn more about Eco farming and other skills in order to be able to help others around the world in my travels as well in this capacity and maybe one day build my own self sufficient homestead and HelpX, work-a-way, WOOF location, School, home. I am Looking to stay at least 1 Month at each location for 2 reasons 1. to make sure any work I start gets finished or as much as possible. 2. to gain a good idea/experience of the culture, area and concept or skill's. If your not learning how can you expect to live or live free. But I can Stay longer if needed and have no other plans and have done so at many of the locations I have been at I have also been ask many times to return.

Sometimes I travel with a Friend or Partner which I post a link to there profile to mine for viewing if there on HelpX and if there not I am sure to let my Host know the full disclosure of the situation. Mobile: 0043(0)6646574997

The upside to all this is I get to experience another part of life and the world and get to learn about different cultures and how they live and in doing so I can apply those skills and show others the same so that maybe just maybe it will make a difference in this world. I have been accused of being to DISIPLINED or KNOW TO MUCH FOR MY OWN GOOD Terms that confuse me to say the least.

I love animals and according to a couple family member and friends I get along better with and understand them better than people.. Lol. I believe that one of the purest Love one can experience is from the relationship one can have with an animal. I do have skills in Dog training/grooming and have been around horses and would love to learn horse whispering Hell!! I would love to have one or two and continue to go through America/Europe on horseback from one location to another and just travel around and LIVE. I Love Cats & Dogs and been told that a lot of my personality is like theres.

With that said Keep in mind that I am a survivalist and hunter and have worked on farms where the slaughtering of live stock is every day practice for food and have the skills to do this. I do not hunt for Sport but respect life and the place that animals serve as a care taker should behave. I am not a Vegetarian or Vegan and have no interest in becoming one. But I have stayed at many places where that was the case and we where able to come to a compromise. Don't get me wrong I love my Veggies and Fruit but I also love my meat. I am simply a meat and Potato's kind of guy who enjoys cold beer/Wine/whisky at the end of a long hard day with good food and conversation with others.

I enjoy bush-crafting, Leather crafting, history, music, and many other things or topics. I am eager to learn black smithing or anything to do with medieval old world trades/Skills. would really like to learn how to make cheese. and other ways of preserving Food/Smoking meat, veggies, Wine, Mead, Beer.

I Have learn some black smithing while in Europe and still looking for more place's to do this and learn more.

I can also speak some French as well as basic German, Russian, Armenian, and a few others and eager to learn more.

It is a shame that most my Europe Host did not make comments, But the ones who did all contacted me to return for a second or Third time and a some where long term. The last host I had was in Austria and he kept me on as a Bush crafting and Hand to Hand combat Instructor for SYSTEMA Austria for 4 Years we met through another Host I was at but he use's another program and is not able to leave a comment here on HelpX which is a shame. Those who are interested may look up SYSTEMA Austria and SYSTEMA Austria Bushcrafting on Both youtube and Facebook as there are videos and lot's of information.