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Congratulations! Your host details have been added to the Help Exchange database.

If your host listing is considered appropriate for this scheme it will be approved and therefore be viewable to other members. You will receive an email to confirm approval.

This is how your details we will be displayed. Please check your details carefully. If you have a web site address please test to see that your web link is operating correctly. Remember you can update your details any time. Members are able to see when your details were "Last Updated" to see how current they are, as shown below. If you wish to change your details now, click the "Update" button above.

IMPORTANT Please note that its important to login for the first time as soon as possible as this shows that your email address is correct and that you are able to login without any problems. Also, for HelpX to work well for you, its important to update regularly, even if no changes are required as this shows to helpers that you currently keen to receive helper enquiries. If you want less enquiries then you may wish to update less frequently. Many successful HelpX hosts login regularly and update every time they login. Please always logout when you are finished using HelpX.