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Since HelpX launched in early 2001 there have been many help exchanges taken place between hosts and helpers in different corners of the world, bringing people together from thousands of miles apart. Here are a few stories of helper experiences.


This is what some hosts have said about Help Exchange...

We have been taking part in the Help Exchange program for 5 years now and during that time, a steady stream of HelpXers, from all corners of the globe, have visited us to lend a hand, experiencing our brand of Aussie country living in exchange. Their length of stay has varied from as little as 5 days to 4 months, and they have been responsible for that 'never-ending jobs' list all farmers seem to have, diminishing considerably. We tend to attract an age group in the 20-35 range, and without exception so far, we've found them pleasant, outgoing and responsible. Many keep in touch with promises to return next trip 'down under'. They'll certainly be more than welcome!
Georgina - Victoria, Australia

I stumbled across this site by chance, and this was a lucky day :) Just over a year later, we have had about 20 helpers coming through to our farm and retreat centre (3 are here at present) and most of them have worked selflessly alongside us and have been an enormous help in running the centre and the farm, and in shortening the endless job list. The site is very well designed and the possibility to update it as needed is very important as the situation can change very rapidly. The seach options are also excellent, we use it to seach for helpers with interests similar to ours and invite them, and this has worked brilliantly. We have started using WOOF international as well, but is much better, people coming through it seem to be more suitable. Long may it continue to provide a great service!
Christophe - Ireland

HelpX is working fabulously for us, on a small lifestyle block with horses, there is a never ending list of improvements & maintenence to be done, can be daunting at times. However with the assistance of our willing helpxers I am updating my work list constantly as jobs are completed. We have met helpers from many corners of the world & established some great friendships. When I look around the farm & the improvements we complete I am able to relate many tasks to the helpers that assisted & provided many laughs along the way. I have recommended this scheme to friends & neighbours resulting in 4 new hosts for helpx. Great & thanks Rob.
Jan - Auckland, New Zealand

Joining HelpExchange as a host has been one the best things we have done. Over the past 8 months we have had about 12 visitors who have stayed for between 1 and 4 weeks. Most come intending to stay 1 week and then find a way to fit 2 into their travel plans. Getting to know people by email first has been really nice. We have had some visitors who phone and say can we come today! And others who email us before they leave their home country, email regularly and then eventually visit. By the time they arrive they are like old friends. We feel we have added to our family as we continue to communicate by email and letter with many of our visitors. Thank-you to Rob for this wonderful service. And also thankyou to the many lovely travellers who have shared their time, work and love with us. We look forward to many more visitors... maybe even some return ones!!
Fran Wilshusen - Western Australia

I have found helpX to be brilliant. We have met some wonderful people who have been a great help to us at our farm and we have enjoyed the interaction of helpers visiting us from all over the world, bringing new ideas and a new view of life. It's hard work and its fun!!
Jayne Tann - England, UK

So far this year we have have two people stay with us from and we could not be more impressed. Both young gentlemen knew what to expect, worked very long hours along with us, and were no trouble at all. I have found that the helpexchange system is much more streamlined to work with then other sites. For the most part workers were better at returning emails and following through. I plan on continue to use helpexchange for the rest of the season and in future seasons. Any questions please feel free to contact me.
Mike Murphy - Prince Edward Island, Canada

HelpX is a valuable resource for our farm in finding exceptional team members. We depend on volunteer help in our organic gardens, orchards, natural building, alternative energy works etc. Volunteers are also needed to help with fun art projects to make our farm a unique place of inspiration and learning with a warm and happy ambiance. Needed cooking, gardening, construction, and artistic volunteers with many other special talents contact us via HelpX. And some of the best join us for a minimum of 2 weeks to several months.... which helps make our non-profit project possible. THANK YOU HelpX!
Candace Stolley - N. California, USA

It's great to have a free site where both helpers and those looking for help can so clearly get the information they need. I check the helper boards every couple of weeks and have had several great helpers come to us through them. Thank you Rob!
Lorraine Zinnaack - South Australia

There isn't much more to say than, HelpX is great!! I have been a host for a short time and already I have had so many wonderful people from all over the world come to our farm to help us out. I love the way it is set up and I am glad that I have had the opportunity to join. A big thank you to Rob and all the helpers.
Patricia Logan - B.C., Canada

I was introduced to Help Exchange about 18 months ago and have found it a really good site to find helpers. The fact that details are always current makes it much easier than other schemes where they issue a book once a year listing hosts and then you have to just sit back and hope somebody contacts you when you need help. Although I'm struggling to find any helpers right now, that's quite normal for this time of year (August) in Akaroa and within a month or two I'll be getting flooded with helpers desperate to come to the most beautiful part of New Zealand! Until then, I'll just have to keep busy and do all the work myself ..Ö
Cathy - Canterbury, New Zealand

We are hosts in Queensland Australia. Just wanted to say that we have found helpx to be a fantastic working idea. We have had about 10 helpers now and all have been excellent. We have had a wonderful exchange of cultures and friendships for ourselves and our kids and hope it continues forever! Thanks!
Megan Seiler - Queensland, Australia

We started hosting people before joining that was in 2001. It was friends or friends of friends who wanted to experience the countryside life and get their hands dirty. I did not know there was such a website and since I found it it was love at first sight. We have been hosting people since the beginning of this year through helpx and we have met incredible people a good exchange that is also cultural, intellectual and spiritual. Thank you very much
Antonello - Abruzzi National Park, Italy

I recently joined as a host and my experience has been wonderful in all respects. The help exchanges that we have had visiting have added a refreshing dimension to our household and resulted in my children experiencing a first hand cultural exchange. They also learn about sharing their family and the mutual benefits of travelling and meeting people. Rachel (U.K) our first exchange was exceptional- she was daunted initially not having any childcare experience but within moments she blended as part of our family and will be remembered as making a truly worthwhile contribution. She proved resourceful and self-motivated, helping out wherever possible. I look forward to continuing positive experiences within the help exchange network. I would wholeheartedly recommend it, as an extensive traveller myself (when single) I fully understand the concept and endeavour to provide not only shelter but a home for awhile and treat all as I would wish to be treated.
Rita - Queensland, Australia

I would really like to thank HelpX for all of the great people that have come here to help us at the Driving Creek Railway. All voluntary work here is in demand, although at times since we are very weather dependant, things can, and do change daily , and its good to have a bunch of people who can adapt to that. We have had many a different worker, from different countries who have really felt pleased with their contribution to Barry's project ... so again many thanks to you all .
Piet Irwin - Coromandel New Zealand

Through HelpX we have had some wonderful help and meet some terrific people with very few fizzers. A great way to get people into your home and share a family atmosphere in work and relaxing. Bill
Jackson Family - West Coast, New Zealand

Hi, we used HelpX to find people to help us with our children. I found the site excellent. Thanks for service.
Jane - Taupo, NZ

We have had a number of vineyard workers through the helpx website. They have lived in our home and become a part of the family for a few weeks, often longer. It has been great for us to be able to use this source of seasonal labour and the visitors we have had stay have all enjoyed the Margaret River lifestyle - wine surf and vineyards. Thanks Rob for a great website. I would urge all successful hosts to make a donation if you can - this is certainly the most affordable employment service I have ever used.
Jackie - Western Australia

We have just had our first HelpX people, a couple from Austria who were wonderful. We got lots of work done and had lots of fun and socializing too.
Kaye - Sunshine Coast Australia

Help Exchange has been brilliant for me - I doubt if I could manage without it because I operate a camping ground on my own and the help I receive makes the difference between being able to keep on top of all the work and not being able to. I've also met some great people, whose company I've really enjoyed. so thank you very much to the people who run this website.
Jackie Cooper - Northland, New Zealand

I heard about on a Lonely Planet Thorn Tree forum. What a great idea to share your farm, home or a boat in my case in exchange for volunteer help. I have received several responses so far and am waiting for my first volunteer to arrive in March when I'm back on board.
Barbara Molin - Spain

We have just joined in January 2006 and to date 07/03/2006 we have had six lovely girls from 4 different countries. We have enjoyed their company and their support around our home. We have been able to exchange many things from teaching them basis homemaking skills and gardening, plant education. Many of the things they have completed have been firsts for them (first muffin baking). We have leaned many things about their families, hopes and dreams and their countries. I am very impressed with the new generation of young women. I hope to vist them one day in their home country, perhaps they will mothers like myself or career woman or both. I would like to think that I have left a small lasting impression in their future lives. Kind Regards Patricia
Patricia White - Canterbury, New Zealand

We have found it excellent. We get most of our enquiries through this site and almost all enquiries are quality contacts. We promote on Go Abroad as well and in 8 months have not had a single person follow through with us, yet on HelpX we get regular enquiries from high quality people. Awesome :-)
David - Brisbane, Australia

I have had 4 helpers so far and I found them great, this is a wonderfull way of meeting people and getting help as I live in a remote part of Scotland.
John MaCleod - Scotland

HelpX has been a bonus to me. I have a busy life and can generally get on with things whilst 'those jobs' get done. I've had a few kiwis & aussies who've all been wonderful, muck in and appreciate what they get in return. Most leave with liver damage and a singed eyebrow from the BBQ but they don't complain! Thanks HelpX!
C.Grant - Aude, France

I have enjoyed having guests from all over the world. some arrive with great skills and insightes into how to communicate, co-exist, and fit in well with their hosts, others are far more in-experienced and need a little more help, patience and understanding, in any case, itís a great opportunity to guide, help, support each one as the need may be and too just relax and have a lot of fun. I love music, sharing experiences, talking about cultural samenesses and differences. Helping strangers to fit in and feel at home. I suppose that there is nothing more precious then meanigfull human exchange. I am always amazed at how much i learn from the living wealth of young people, a fraction of the age of myself.. i think that perhaps there is a lesson there somewhere..!
David White - Canterbury, New Zealand

I have been using Helpx for 8 months and have nothing but praise for it. I have had a lot of helpers staying and have made some great friendships along the way. It's a great way to get a helping hand and also for visting helpers to experience our local scenery and attractions. It's a "win win" situation for both parties.
Steve - West Coast, New Zealand

Well we have had the best year ever thanks to Helpx. I can`t thank Rob enough for such a great system. I have had more time for my children and myself. I would like to share a moment we had with helpx. We had a helper that stayed with us, anyway she left and a month later rang in Tears due to a problem whilst staying at another helpx host. I e-mailed helpx, and within half an hour we had Rob on the phone ready to help. And he did help us in a big way and she ended up carrying on with her trip, thanks to all the help from Rob. I can`t imagine not having Helpx. I am also pleased to see that we can now give a donation so we can give a little back to such a great guy.
Leonie - Bay of Plenty, New Zealand

Helpx is wonderful. We update our listing when we need someone and these lovely people email me back. They come and stay and help. Of course we fall madly in love with them and are very sad when they leave. A fantastic service. Arvind and Jane
Jane and Arvind - Nelson, New Zealand

Since joining 2 months ago, I have had two young people from different backgrounds, different cultures, different languages and they have been marvellous. Helpx is great in terms of the number of replies one recieves, which means should one require help urgently or at a later date there is always the possibility to be flexible. The people who have stayed with me have been extremely honest, pleasant and helpful. I have been able to go to appointments and leave them in charge in total confidence. The exchange of cultures is extremely enriching and educational. I thank my daughter in New Zealand for introducing me to Helpx. You have been a GodsendÖ
Irene Gammeter - Switzerland

Help Exchange is the best organization I have ever come accross. In the past 2 years (although I have been a member for 4) I have had a steady flow of travelers from all over the world come and stay with my family and help us on our farm. They have all been wonderful people and I hope to continue having more in the future. This whole concept is wonderful and I think all who use it benefit from it.
Sue - Queensland, Australia

I have now had 6 different Helpxers staying in my home, and have thoroughly enjoyed all of them. They have all been interesting, helpful, polite and considerate. I have even had the bonus of having several Helpxers with skills that have been beyond my expectations, such as a carpenter who did repairs on my wooden house, and an enginner who fixed the mechanics of my garage door! This is a brilliant scheme, practical and a very good way to meet people and make new friends.
Diana Burns - New Zealand

I have had some brilliant young people helping on our farmlet through HelpX. The system seems to work very well and so far all the helpers have suited our relaxed life style.
Georgie - Canterbury, New Zealand

I have found the people who came to stay with us very willing and able to help with everything they did. It was also a useful cultural exchange between us and if I had time I would certainly visit the rest of the planet this way! Highly recommended for both Hosts & Helpers
Alex - Argyll, Scotland

I have nothing but praise for HelpX, and through it have had many many willing and able helpers staying at my home in Launceston Tasmania. It is great that the helpers and hosts are able to contact each other via the Internet, instead of hosts having to sit back and wait for a helper to read about them in a book... My HelpXers have done tasks ranging from digging drains, planting and weeding to cooking, washing the dog, unpacking boxes, and providing company and assistance for my elderly mother. They have been an invaluable help with our home renovations, cheefully sanding walls and timber window frames, and painting! We have had interesting HelpXers from many different nationalities staying with us, and the world is a smaller place thanks to HelpExchange!
Yvonne - Tasmania, Australia

We have been host members of Helpx for several years, almost since itís inception I think, and it has brought many lovely people to our croft in the North of Scotland. We have enjoyed them all and havenít had a bad experience so far, touch wood. I think that wanting to volunteer on an organic farm must sort the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Anyway thanks for the help Guys, and to Rob for running the site.
Peter & Therese - Nairn, Scotland

Thankyou sooo much Helpx. We are also members of WWOOF but find Helpx by far the superior site and organisation. The people that we have come to stay, are in the most part, eager to learn and participate in our family life. Great job to all those involved in the site!!
Roger and Lyn Booth - NSW, Australia

We have gotten nearly all of our helpers from website's free listing. We really appreciate the free listing and the reminders to update. Thanks very much!
Cindy - West Coast, New Zealand

I'd like to thank helpXchange for their brilliant organisation and work... also the great people who have come via this organisation. Several people have come to my place to meet up and stay and help and it these been wonderful time for me and I thank them. All the help, company and sharing of people's travels and lives in Europe and other places is somthing I appreciate lots and lots.
Janine - Queensland, Australia

Since we originally registered as a Host, we have had MANY replies from Helpers, all of whom we have sadly had to tell that our plans had changed drastically due to the skipper having 2 strokes. However, he is on the road to recover, altho very slowly, and we hope to be able to resume our usual water-borne way of life some time this year. We can only say that we are VERY grateful to, which is a wonderful scheme, and to those who were kind enough to write more than once. Our fingers are crossed, not just for ourselves but also for all those willing souls looking for new experiences.
Gini - Portugal

Helpx is an excellent vehicle for cultural exchange and for people of all ages to travel in an affordable way. Rob, who developed the site is very helpful and if you have any questions do not hesitate to contact him. We have had a couple of helpers that didn't work out but the Australian couple who stayed with us at our last place were excellent and this more than made up for the other two. We would recommend that you exchange emails with prospective helpers over a period of time and really get to know them prior to offering a stay. Fantastic site, brilliant idea and Rob still keeps a free service. Thanks again Rob.
Annie and Guy - Scotland, United Kingdom

Thank you so much HelpX - this is just the greatest system and has helped us in so many ways. We have met the most amazing people who have come to stay with us, some for a week others for five months. The worst part is saying goodbye to someone you have come to know very well and who has helped out so much around the property. We only hope that our paths will cross and we will get the chance to meet them again. I cannot say enough good things about this system - it was certainly a great day for us when I heard about it. Thank you so much.
Paula - Southland, New Zealand

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