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Here you can look for travelling companions / travelmates / travel partners. You can add your own companion wanted posting by filling in the form box Option3 when registering (its free!) as a HelpX helper. If you have registered, then log-in and update your profile. Only postings that have been updated during the last 3 months are displayed. Don't travel alone when you can find a travel companion instead!

If you submit a travel companion wanted posting please include where and when you are travelling as the universe and time is a big place! You are not going to get much response by just saying something like 'yes a companion would be nice'!

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Name: Lisa   Age: 23
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From: flag Germany   Now In: flag United States Date Posted: June 3, 2019
Hi guys, anybody up for a little road trip down the Oregon and California coast? I’m starting in Medford on June 12th, heading to the coast and then down south. I want to be in San Francisco by June 15th. I don’t have much planned except stopping at nice places, enjoy the beaches and (hopefully) the sun. I’d like to do some hiking or other outdoor sports, too. I’m looking for a travel companion to share the cost of the rental car and to spend a nice time with open minded people. I’m a nature and animals lover (and I’ve been doing helpx on farms the last to months), I’m interested in spirituality and I’m an ‘eco’. Send me a message if that sounds interesting to you! Cheers, Lisa

Name: Bernard   Age: 47
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From: flag France   Now In: France, Metropolitan Date Posted: June 3, 2019

Next Destination(s): Not sure yet

Not really looking for a travel companion but always interested in meeting nice people from around the world. So, don't hesitate to drop me a line ;-)

Name: Iveta   Age: 26
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From: flag Slovakia   Now In: flag Slovakia Date Posted: June 3, 2019

Next Destination(s): Mexico

We are open minded and like to share our time and experiences with you! We are travelling in Van right now from Tijuana down the pacific coast. Let us know where you are!

Name: Mike   Age: 49
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United Kingdom   Now In: flag United Kingdom Date Posted: June 3, 2019

Next Destination(s): Heading out for Albania and the Balkans region

I do not expect you to read all of this but some of you may find it interesting! Update June 2019: Hello! I have been travelling in Sicily, near the big volcano, Etna, and I am feeling inspired by all the stories of people feeling spiritually rejuvenated from reading the Anastasia books... I aim to try to set up an ecovillage/centre of light based around gardening and the Agnihotra/Homa Therapy which is now practised all over the world including in Bhrugu Aranya ecovillage in Poland, which is where I first travelled to in order to learn about it first-hand... The chief energetic practice being to chant mantras into an inverted copper pyramid, within which you burn specific ingredients at specific times to produce a powerfully healing, electromagnetic resonance effect. This has been scientifically validated numerous times and is astounding! Its power to detoxify and purify even radioactive contamination is proven… Emoto said it purifies water in the soil and the atmosphere. In my picture, you can see I'm holding a gardening tool called a 'mattock'. This versatile tool is the best pal of all leathery-faced ‘campesinos’ in Latin America… it has helped me to create a ‘hugelkultur’ (Sepp Holzer-style) or two… My other picture shows the gravestone of the great humanitarian Robert Hart, upon which is written, ‘Love is All’… some of my thoughts about life I have made an effort to write down within my website:, wherein I also try to describe, somewhat, my years of international travelling and volunteering. So I will not elaborate too much here except to say that the title of my website is one of my passions – gardening; in a friendly, conscientious way. Originally inspired by my experiences jobbing around rural France as a teenager, and later by that great humanitarian Robert Hart, with his practical and visionary project mimicking the natural structures of Mother Nature to improve the quality of life of his disabled brother, which led him to author his book, ‘Forest Gardening’… Like the Australian permaculture guru Geoff Lawton, I reckon “all of the world’s ‘problems’ can be solved in a garden.” The world simply would not have any problems if it wasn’t for greed and most of our needs can be met by a garden. Spanning thirty years now, I have gratefully been able to work together with good people and their diverse projects all over the world. There are too many to write about here but some examples would include: i. learning from Ariadne Fern and the others at the ‘Plants For a Future’ project down in Lostwithiel, Cornwall – which is like a giant and very diverse Forest Garden… ii. doing practical research into soil and plant health at SIIT Arboretum Botanical Gardens on Negros Island in the Philippines – an educational initiative working with Universities and schools to promote the value of preserving natural ecosystems… iii. doing similar research work at Gami Seva Sevana in Sri Lanka, which is a working, organic demonstration farm. It’s goal is to help support and re-empower local communities; to aid them in maintaining and esteeming their traditional, rural lives and land use practices. These are efficient, mixed agroforestry practices of Forest Gardening, complimented by small-scale animal husbandry. The local villagers are faced by the challenges of the ‘well-financed’ and propagandised inroads made by destructive corporate mono-cultures… iv. rough-camping out with the ‘Evangelical brothers’ (!) on their ‘back-to-the-land’ project in ‘Ybytyruzu park’ in Paraguay – out in their fields trying to impart my knowledge of ‘Sloping Agricultural Land Technology’ to stop the inevitable erosion and degradation of the soil, which would result from their ‘slash and burn’, clear-cut cultivation methods… the principle is simple: you create permanent terraces using ‘multi-use’, often pioneering and nitrogen-fixing, deep-rooting trees whose roots will provide stability to the terraces and good structure to the soil… above ground, the growing trees provide other services such as a beneficial micro-climate helping other plants to grow. These are thus called ‘nurse trees’, and you can also use tough and deep-rooting vetiver grass depending on the climate and location. You also maintain permanent cover never leaving bare soil exposed to harsh sun and strong rain – either through cut and drop mulch, sometimes from the coppicing and trimming of the terrace trees themselves, or as a living green carpet, such as the many species of clover. As plants and living systems more often than not grow stronger through their mutually beneficial relationships formed through intricate companionship and association with a diverse range of other plants and micro-organisms, this is an informed attitude or blueprint I like to adopt and put to use… increasing diversity plays a key role in establishing a resilient ‘mini’ ecosystem… encouraging healthy co-operation. In Ybytyruzu there were plenty of locally growing trees, such as leucaenas and casuarinas appropriate for terracing, from which to harvest seeds or cuttings… v. planting dozens of trees and creating small, diverse, poly-culture gardens on a highland, Andean hobby-farm in the Colombian countryside – this is a few years on already and the trees and plants are starting to ‘magically’ transform what was once a bare, barren field… vi. my friend and colleague, Wayne were glad to receive a commission to initiate the creation of a ‘Forest Garden’ together, working with the children and teachers at a school in south west Berlin… Some common goals, which unite these international efforts are the preservation of our natural heritage and the reassertion of our role as guardians and co-creators with our earth; as well as offering better examples of good and fair-minded socio-economics and land use practices. Dr. Walter Yellowlees, in delivering his ‘Ill Fares the Land’ speech back in 1978, lamented the poor health suffered by the British population; even by ‘the remaining bold peasantry’ of his rural parish – such as were still living their hard-working, ‘ruddy-faced’ lives out within their fields and this due, precisely, to poor nutrition, not ‘laziness’. Akin to so many other conscientious social critics, he understood why heavy machinery and chemicals, are ‘technologies’ more suited to industrial rather than agricultural purposes. Their unwieldy and indiscriminating nature destroys the natural structure and healthy microbial life within soils; the primary indicators and ‘foundation stones’ of a soils’ fertility. Such ‘industrial pharming’ is thus only capable of producing limited harvests of enfeebled plants, which can no longer fulfil their true role in helping to keep us healthy. And of course, this is not just a question of how this destructive model of industrial agriculture is ‘unfit for purpose’… our earth needs and benefits from our physical and spiritual presence as co-creators, just as we derive essential life-force from being closely grounded with our earth; which is why it is so sad to see so much neglect of barren and empty lands. This is why Walter Yellowlees made, what to me is the key observation in his speech: “How can we restore to our land pride of place to the small, mixed, family farm which conserves and enhances fertility and is the most highly productive unit of all? I do not know the answer to that question, but I am sure that in the present state of the world, a nation such as ours which grows only half its own food and sees more than a million of its men standing idle in the city streets, while thousands of acres stand idle in the countryside, is giving an example not of nationhood but of lunacy.” journeytoforeverorg/farm_library/medtest/medtest_iftl.html … Yellowlees commends the seminal research work of Weston Price, (Nutrition and Physical Degeneration), for its irrefutable, factual documentation of how sound nutrition equates to good health and vice-versa… and so it continues today… how we go about providing for our nutritional needs is essential… This is why I respect the practicality of so many millions of Russians who are, perhaps, providing one of the best blueprints and examples for us to follow in order to find our collective path back to good physical and mental health. This article gives you some good insights… wwwmeetupcom/it-IT/PermacultureGarden/messages/38291132/ … “In 1999, 35 million small family plots produced 90% of Russias potatoes, 77% of vegetables, 87% of fruits, 59% of meat, 49% of milk: way to go, people! And since 1999, it seems things have only gotten better when it comes to small-scale agriculture in Russia… In 2003 the Russian President signed into law a further Private Garden Plot Act enabling Russian citizens to receive free of charge from the state, plots of land in private inheritable ownership. Sizes of the plots differ by region but are between one and three hectares each [1 hectare = 2.2 acres]. Produce grown on these plots is not subject to taxation. A further subsequent law to facilitate the acquisition of land for gardening was passed in June 2006, (according to a footnote in Who We Are by Vladimir Megre, pg. 42). What other country raises so much of their food in such sustainable, organic, and non-GMO modes of production?” Recently, I watched Mike Keegans’ inspirational film, ‘From Vedic Russia With Love: The Restoration of Love to Families’, youtubecom/watch?v=wlq6jgWkqcQandt=1619s … a grass-roots, back-to-the-land movement in Russia; inspired by the ‘Anastasia’, ‘Ringing Cedars’ series of books, written by Vladimir Megre… creating ‘Kin’s Domains’, wherein people can reform a deeper and more authentic connection to our earth. To me, it sounds inspired… there appears to be a continuum of ancient Vedic living, from the ancient Indian Vedic culture. Which ties in with my own discoveries about Agnihotra, and Homa Therapy, which I first started to practice in 2015 after visiting Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage in Poland. They are incredible rediscoveries and very utilitarian and credible on a purely scientific basis. This contrasts greatly with the Status Quo within my own country, and within Europe in general; discussed in this excellent interview with Mike Keegan and Richard D Hall of ‘RichPlanet TV: Land Of The Image Makers’, youtubecom/watch?v=Z2gvppJmhVA … they debate how ‘mankind is being deliberately kept away from nature and Man himself is being lead into a world of falsehood, materialism and toxic manufactured realities…’ This summary of our manufactured malaise rings true, and those with an inquiring, and social conscience have been speaking out against this aspect of political malfeasance for a long time. Even though our epidemics of ill spiritual and physical health are grave, they are predictably and entirely avoidable… Thus I have great respect for the old wisdom, which is still being nourished by some of the true leaders on our planet such as Oren Lyons and he talks about this 'Leadership Imperative' with much conviction; the idea of thinking ahead seven generations: orionmagazineorg/article/the-leadership-imperative/ …, and then of course there are the ‘really challenging’ teachings, especially for the meat-eating cultures, within the ancient Vedic texts… about how it is wrong and detrimental to our karma to take a life; any life, including that of an animal…! Here is one of my poems: “Wild...” Born to be Wild, we are of the Earth, Yet I well understand how we've given birth, To a system of death, within it life dies, But we give it life, as we give it our lives. What happened to peace, to love for our brother, To love for an Earth we should see as our Mother? When we've distanced ourselves from the soil and the trees, Do we hear the life in the birds and the bees? When we give life to objects, not even alive, Polluters, destroyers, the machines that we drive; The machines that we cherish; the machines in our lives. Or do they drive us - can you not see, That without them our lives would be truly free? We're born into freedom, why make ourselves slaves, To a futile Hell, to help dig our own graves? When we poison our waters, our air and our lands, Then we poison ourselves, and from our own hands! I'd rather see trees, as my living friends, Than drive long roads, in a Mercedes Benz! Yea I know in my heart it's the ignorant few, Who still feel we're “right” to pollute as we do: This Spirit of Power, of Industrial Greed, Of Military Might, and Media Need, In abiding by these we imprison our souls, Great folly and madness is out of control, But there's plenty I know, who are not so bent, On senseless destruction and whose time is spent, In the knowledge that quiet, resides at our door, At Peace with our Mother, turning once more, Her turns are our Soul, our Spirit, our Home... As no slave to man, no slave to his dock, To his senseless laws, or his ticking clock, For my law is Nature, and She says to me, That I have Her Spirit and She makes me Free. This is a North American Indian poem I really like, written by an anonymous author... There was a time, when I saw the world Coyote lives in. I had walked up, with a friend – once upon a time, behind the rocks; the big ones that rise up, mossy-greened, and cradle the forest-shadowed ponds that the ducks and moose love, to seek the slight-sloping, grassy meadow hidden behind them. We half-lay for hours in the tall emerald grass among the ancient trees that towered over the drifting textures of the land. While our elbows supported us we talked of plants, and stones, and the wisdom of moss. Slowly we began, as humans sometimes do, to slip into the wildness of the world. Our language began to slow down, pause and falter. Into silence we drifted and for some reason that only our souls understood that day we flowed with it, not talking. Colours became more vivid and the air began to sparkle. Our breathing and the sounds of the forest took on a luminous quality. And into this silence Coyote ambled, following a game trail that flowed, brown runnel, near our feet. Her tongue lolled out the side of her mouth, and she was laughing that crazy laugh Coyote has, while her eyes spun as she watched the dancing bones that lie under the fabric of the world. Crazy, gambolling Coyote. Third force in Universe. I said under my breath, “Turn your head to the right.” And my friend sat up and said, “What?” And in so doing, lost her chance to see. I, still watching, saw Coyote’s eyes shift out of that crazy, spinning universe and shocked, no, betrayed, by the secrecy of our immersion she flipped straight over and ran, tail between her legs, only some strange kind of dog, up the trail. What I glimpsed through Coyote’s eyes lodged in a part of my brain I did not know I had. I can reach out and touch it sometimes. My eyes begin to spin, and I feel a bit dizzy, and I can see dancing bones under the fabric of the world. I still do not know what the world that Coyote lives in does when no one is watching but I do know it is ancient, far beyond the species lifetime of humans and that next to it our world is only a chip of wood floating on the ocean.

Name: Václav   Age: 46
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Andorra   Now In: flag Viet Nam Date Posted: June 3, 2019

Next Destination(s): Current Location: Can Tho, Vietnam

Yes. It will be nice a travel companion. In this moment I have a car, quite big and comfortable. It has LPG gas installation. Then the trips are almost half expensive. We can share expenses and we could have more economic volunteering.

Name: Rico   Age: 19
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From: flag Germany   Now In: flag Australia Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Sydney

I am always up to meet new people. So if you need a buddy let me know.

Name: Ruonan   Age: 21
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From: flag China   Now In: flag China Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Korea

I would like to vist Korea Between 1/6/2019-1/7/2019 If you have any interests£¬contact me please.

Name: William   Age: 66
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From: flag New Zealand   Now In: flag Ecuador Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): I'm now in Warsaw Poland, and taking up my second help X position with a family , 3rd of June, in a remote area out of Warsaw. I look forward to enjoying the company of a family. Germany in July.

I am happy to meet other travellers, preferably those who speak English.

Name: Jiaying   Age: 23
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From: flag China   Now In: flag United Kingdom Date Posted: June 2, 2019
I want to travel to any city in the UK. I will depart from Sheffield or Manchester, hope to find a partner

Name: Hongmei   Age: 26
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From: flag China   Now In: flag China Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): I am now in Brisbane and I will come to Cairns in June.

I will move to Cairns in May and I would love to meet some interesting guys on my journeyand#9786;

Name: Elisa   Age: 18
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From: flag France   Now In: flag France Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): I'm heading to Ireland to learn English and my current location is in france

hey guys, I'm going to travel solo in Ireland from October 2019. It would be great to meet people to travel together around ireland :)

Name: Georgia   Age: 32
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Australia   Now In: flag Australia Date Posted: June 2, 2019
If you're planning on riding your bicycle around Japan (Shikoku, Kyushu or Wakayama areas) please get in touch! I will be travelling from 3rd June - 17th July 2019

Name: Marc   Age: 22
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Germany   Now In: flag Germany Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Sweden Norway

Open to get to know some new kind people and if it fits we may take some time together :D

Name: Keith   Age: 32
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From: flag United States   Now In: flag Costa Rica Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Seattle, USA

Why not?! Companion would ideally be hard working, wouldn't mind being without luxury, would have a sense of humor, and be considerate.

Name: Štepán   Age: 23
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Czech Republic   Now In: flag Norway Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): norway

We want to know Europe countries. Now we like to try to go to norths part of Continent in summer and autumn.on winter we like to be on Mountains.

Name: Courtney   Age: 28
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag United States   Now In: flag Australia Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Currently in North Arm working on a Nursery.

I`m Courtney! I`m traveling the east coast of Australia from late August to April 2019. I would love to meet someone who would also like to explore, share a beer, dane the night away, or hiking for example. I don`t know exacly my next steps or where I`ll exactly be when but I will be exploring in Queensland first.

Name: Samuel   Age: 26
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From: flag Australia   Now In: flag Australia Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Heading Barcelona, Spain

Open to meeting any other friendly helpers along the way

Name: Bruno   Age: 21
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From: flag Brazil   Now In: flag Brazil Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Brazil

Travelling together is always more fun, I haven't really made any plans yet, except that I want to see as much of the world as possible, maybe also go off the beaten paths and explore the things not every tourist ticks of their box.

Name: Oli   Age: 29
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Hungary   Now In: flag Taiwan Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): Japan

Hey hello I will be in Japan from the 11th of June,Osaka I am looking for a travel mate who want to hitchhike, wild camp,hike,walk do some helpx together:)It would be the best an another female traveller or of course more we are better. My plan is Around Osaka- Kyoto-Nara-Nikko-Tokyo I have 3 months for this trip so I can go wherever I want to :) feel free to contact me, we change FB or whatever and we talk over :) I am in Taiwan right now Hope to find friends here wish you nice and safe travels :)

Name: Christina aseng   Age: 48
Full Profile: click here photo
From: flag Germany   Now In: flag Germany Date Posted: June 2, 2019

Next Destination(s): la palma

i woukd most like staying at families with homeschooling or unschooling kids.

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